What career opportunities can this lead to?

We offer a variety of creative leisure courses. Please visit our website at www.eastleigh.ac.uk for more details.

What are the entry requirements?

This course is suitable for all, especially those who are new to poetry; anyone suitably motivated can join.

What does this programme involve?

This is a short 5 week course which will serve as an introduction to the basics of writing and reading poetry. There is room to expand the course if desired.

How is the programme taught and assessed?

Poetry has always been seen as the more esoteric side of creative writing. Many writers wish they could write poetry, but feel that it is somehow beyond them. Couple that with a far greater lexicon and more than its fair share of gatekeepers, and you're left with a field that feels very walled off.

Poetry should be accessible to everyone, and it belongs to everyone. Poems have always been a central part of every culture and counterculture, across the world, for thousands of years. It's all around us, and many people don't realise it.

* Week 1: Building Blocks - Students will learn the jargon associated with poetry, structures used, the difference between rhythm and rhyme, as well as their respective uses in poetry. We will also go over different types of poems and look at examples of common categories.

* Week 2: Poetic Language - Students will learn to incorporate different soundplay techniques to elevate their message and apply musicality to their poetry.

* Week 3: Developing Voice - We will look at how poets develop their styles and voices, and how to do that ourselves. Students will learn how to use their own experiences and backgrounds to make their poetry truly their own, as well as experiment with different styles. There will also be some time spent on the written and spoken forms of a poem and how those interact.

* Week 4: Found Poetry and Inspiration - The session will cover the various ways to produce found poetry, as well as exercises to practice. We will also cover other ways to develop new ideas, as well as themes for collections of poetry.

* Week 5: Next Steps - Students will learn what they can do with their poetry. We will cover putting together chapbooks, submitting poems and some suggestions of where they can do so, open mic nights, as well as places to further build their collections and enjoy a community of poets.

What else do I need to know?

Please bring pen and paper to the class.

No additional costs are anticipated.

How do I apply?

Apply by clicking on the APPLY NOW link on this page. Alternatively, you can apply by completing an application form through our Adult and Community Learning team by telephone 023 8091 1270 or via email at acl@eastleigh.ac.uk.

*Fees will apply if you are over 18. You may be eligible for fee support or a loan. To find out an accurate cost, based on your individual circumstances, please contact our Adult and Community Learning team.

Course Code


Session Venue Starts Days Time Weeks Fees* 24+ Fees*
C970B Eastleigh College 26/2/2020 Wed 19:00 – 21:00 5 £76.00 £76.00 Apply now

* Please note that although this tool looks to give customers the best indication of course costs, a final cost can only be confirmed once all submitted information is verified by our information, advice and guidance team.

Need any further advice?

If you require further advice and guidance about any course costs and/or the funding options available to you, the College has a dedicated Adult and Community Learning team who can be contacted on telephone 023 8091 1270.