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Make the most of funding

Employing an apprentice has become easier and there’s financial support available from the government including incentive payments. Find out how to hire an apprentice and what you need to do by contacting

Improve productivity

In a 2017 government survey, 75% of employers reported ‘improved productivity, better quality of product or service, and higher staff morale’ by hiring apprentices. Off the-job training (OJT) can be flexible. You decide how and when it is delivered. With Eastleigh College, OJT can be online, in college, or a combination of these options. Our delivery modes include: Day Release, Block Release and Blended.

Build your teams

Build the teams you need to meet your business objectives. Welltrained, highly skilled staff add value to all organisations, both directly and through their ability to coach, mentor and train other team members.

Overcome recruitment challenges

Recruiting new staff is costly and can come with risks, so up-skilling existing staff is a cost-effective way to ensure your organisation has the capable personnel you need. Eastleigh college is the largest College provider of apprenticeships in the Solent region and delivered over 1250 apprenticeships in 2019/2020.

Motivate your employees

One of the most significant benefits of apprenticeships, for employers and staff alike, is that they help organisations keep their employees motivated and committed for the long-term, by helping them develop their skills over several years. Your apprentice(s) will be motivated to earn a qualification that is tremendously valuable, to them individually and to you as an Employer.

Attract the best new talent

Apprenticeship opportunities are highly sought after by potential job applicants, enabling you to choose from the brightest and most dedicated jobseekers. If you partner with us, we’ll list your opening on our Apprenticeship Vacancies page, helping you to attract highcalibre applicants.

Download our guide for employers guide here.