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Following increasing economic pressures and changing needs of businesses, many are now turning to online apprenticeships which offer rewarding benefits to both the learner and the employer.

An online apprenticeship works by taking the fixed structure out of apprenticeship training and utilises an e-learning platform that brings together a large range of online resources. An obvious benefit to this pathway of learning is the ability for apprentices to conduct their training at a time and location of their choice, this is especially useful for those who prefer a quiet environment. 

It also eliminates commuting times to training providers, allowing a more seamless transition between work hours and learning hours. This is all highly beneficial for an employer, helping structure the training around the daily needs of the business and thus helping reap greater value from the apprentice.

The strength and variety of online apprenticeships are growing at an exciting pace, with Eastleigh College now offering a range of dynamic fully online apprenticeship opportunities designed to meet employer needs in key areas such as business administration, customer service and team leading.

With the post-COVID economic landscape seeing a momentous shift towards digital learning, there has never been a better time to invest in online apprenticeships. 

At Eastleigh College you can:

  1. Learn from any location, you do not need to live in Eastleigh or the surrounding area.

  2. Have flexible learning hours to enable you to fit this around your day-to-day job and home life commitments.

  3. Access to a wide range of learning resources – our online apprenticeships provide access to a wide range of learning resources and additional modules, all in one convenient place and at no extra cost.

  4. Learn at your own pace, our platform provides the benefit of being able to repeat topics until you have fully understood the content.

  5. Access progression opportunities and careers advice from a leading College with our dedicated team of experts.

We offer online apprenticeships in:

Accounts / Finance Assistant Level 2

Assistant Accountant Level 3

Business Administrator Level 3 

Customer Service Practitioner Level 2

Supervisor Level 3