Thomas started Eastleigh College studying Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing, and has progressed through the Level 3 and is now working towards becoming Gas Safe registered. He has an Apprenticeship with a local plumbing and heating company.

When Thomas first left school he wasn’t sure what sort of career he wanted – he looked into joining the Military and the Navy, and also considered following in his dad’s footsteps and becoming a Chef. He went to several College open events to try and get a feel for different subjects, which is where he came across the Diploma in Plumbing at Eastleigh College.

Thomas has previously studied a Level 2 Diploma in Engineering at Eastleigh College during his last years at school, so he already knew the College well. He spoke to the lecturers at our open event about his options and decided that a course in Plumbing was for him.

After completing Level 2 and Level 3, Thomas managed to get an Apprenticeship with a local plumbing and heating firm and has come back to Eastleigh College to complete his Advanced Apprenticeship in Gas.

Thomas started his Apprenticeship in January 2015, and appreciates the skills he learned during his first two years at Eastleigh College. He said, “Starting work is a massive learning curve. Every day is different, and real-life situations can completely throw you. Courses at College teach you the theory you need and the basic hand skills, but getting work experience in the real work environment is important”.

Once qualified and registered as Gas Safe, Thomas plans to travel to Australia with the hopes of starting up his out business. He was inspired by one of his lecturers, who had spent some time working in Canada, and felt like this would be a great opportunity to use the skills of his trade abroad!

You’re a blank slate once you leave school, so don’t set your mind on one thing. Speak to the lecturers at an open event and take their advice to help find the right career for you.


Thomas felt like, although it’s great to have ambitions and goals, it’s important to consider all of your options before applying for the course. He felt that speaking to the course lecturers was very helpful, as they were able to offer insight into the industry and help him decide what course would be best for him.

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