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Lucy started at Eastleigh College doing an Apprenticeship in Level 3 Dental Nursing because of her passion to work with people. After completing her Apprenticeship, Lucy is now a Dental Nurse at a local dental surgery looking to progress her career even further.

Lucy decided to do an Apprenticeship because she didn't want to spend every day studying in a classroom at college, was keen to get into the industry as well as receive job satisfaction working with people. After exploring her options, which included online courses, Lucy decided studying at Eastleigh College was the best option for her and hasn't looked back since.

Lucy's Apprenticeship has not only given her experience in the dental industry but has boosted her confidence due to having spent time actually doing her job, rather than just learning about it.

The College supported Lucy throughout her Apprenticeship and was flexible and accommodating to suit her ways of working. Lucy highlights "I'm not good with paperwork but the College accommodated everyone's way of working so we could all learn in a way best suited to us." The friendly and supportive tutors helped Lucy on her way and she explains, "I never felt like I was bothering the tutors and felt comfortable asking them however many questions I needed to.”

Each day for Lucy is never the same. She spends her day preparing the surgery, preparing equipment, supporting patients and much more. Lucy’s busy role has improved her organisational and communication skills, she comments, “Patients look to me for information and I have to explain it to them better than the dentist so they understand it fully.” As well as having great communication and organisational skills, Lucy highlights how vital maths is in her role, “I need to mix chemicals so I have to be able to read and understand ratios to ensure the chemicals are mixed safely.”

Apprenticeships are the best way forward and I'd definitely recommend them. It's the best thing I have done.


There are many options open to Lucy, who has now completed her course. Lucy is passionate to progress further with an online fluoride course, followed by a foundation degree to become a hygienist.

To find out more about studying Dental Nursing as a part-time course or Apprenticeship, visit our course details webpage, call 023 8091 1299 or email