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Ofsted Report

Ofsted have confirmed that high-quality teaching sees Eastleigh learners develop new skills, that learners take pride in their work, and that learners are proud of the skills they develop. This quality is a testament to the energy, expertise, and commitment of colleagues and governors who, since the launch of the College’s 2020-24 strategy, have worked tirelessly to achieve high levels of quality whilst also remodelling the College by significantly reducing subcontracted provision to comply with government policy.

School leaver learners on full-time programmes were seen to benefit from well-planned opportunities with employers. These opportunities were judged to support them to develop wider skills such as confidence in their chosen technical or professional subject and prepare them well for their next steps. Delivery through Eastleigh College Online was praised as enabling adults to swiftly develop the skills required to enhance their career opportunities. It is this combination of quality, reputation, and reach, that has underpinned the College’s sustained growth in 16-19 and adult learning.

Inspectors also confirmed that learners and apprentices benefit from a professional learning environment, and that learners and apprentices feel safe at College, and in the workplace. Refugees from Afghanistan and the Ukraine were confirmed to be able to access the services and support they need through the additional courses offered by the College. As such the College values of ambition, professionalism, resilience and respect can be confidently judged to be both mature, and very well embedded. 

Leaders and managers were confirmed as having a clear and carefully considered strategy for the College’s curriculum offer. Inspectors judged that the College offer is underpinned by knowing the region extremely well, and informed by active and frequent communication with relevant stakeholders to continually understand and meet local skills priorities. Effective employer partnerships were recognised with organisations such as the Federation of Small Business, Skills for Logistics and the local NHS Trust.

During inspection the 2019 decision to cease new subcontracted apprenticeship delivery, and the post-pandemic decision to invest in a new College apprenticeship delivery model was validated. Whilst there is still more to be done the recruitment of subject specialist trainers with significantly reduced caseloads, working alongside high-quality teachers was seen to be working well in many areas. This investment and commitment to apprenticeship excellence will continue at pace.

In confirming the College provides a good quality of education and that safeguarding is effective the inspection team validated the vast majority of the College’s own self-assessment. Given the College’s significant reduction in subcontracted provision the College presented a unique ‘big picture’ for the inspection team. During, and since inspection the College has raised multiple areas of concern where Ofsted deviated from the College’s self-assessment.

Post inspection the College has sought to follow the published Ofsted complaints procedure but to date has found this to not be fit for purpose. In recent days the inspectorate has published and taken down two incorrect reports, and the College continues to pursue legitimate and evidence-based concerns about the inspection and post inspection process. Regrettably in publishing a College report with a known stage 3 internal review request pending Ofsted have confirmed that introducing new recommendations, new evidence post inspection, and publishing two incorrect reports is ‘normal’. As such the College has experienced similar (if not enhanced) shortcomings to those reported across the sector, and has also experienced the shortcomings (again if not enhanced) to those admitted to by Ofsted as recently stated in sector press.  

The College is proud of every colleague who delivers opportunity and excellence on a daily basis. Commitment to our 2020-24 ‘more learners, more successful, more often’ strategy will continue unabated.

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