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Level 3 Business Learners attend special shipping event

A class of Level 3 Business learners have enjoyed a special shipping rodeo event at Southampton harbour.

This initiative was organised by shipping group Wallenius Wilhelmsen as part of a special RoRo (Roll on/Roll off) rodeo event. ‘RoRo’ refers to ‘roll-on, roll-off’, an accessible style of cargo shipping that allows for easy onboarding and offboarding. Learners had the opportunity to explore all the different equipment involved in this process, tour one of the ships, witness live demonstrations and even drive a tractor. Industry experts were present throughout the day to guide them and answer any questions.

Clare Battson, Lecturer in Business, Logistics and Professional Studies at Eastleigh College, said: “This was a great opportunity for learners to get some hands-on experience and talk to people within the industry. Wallenius Wilhelmsen were very welcoming and we are looking forward to working with them in the future.”

Maisie Southwell was part of the learner cohort who visited the Queen Elizabeth ll Terminal. She commented: “I enjoyed the boat tour and learnt a lot about how many cars can actually fit on the RoRo ship. I also enjoyed seeing all the different supercars that get transported by Wallenius Wilhelmsen.”

Rhys Miller is a learner who also participated in the trip. He said: “The staff were really friendly and gave us a good understanding of how the day to day life is down at the docks, what it takes for the imports and exports to be successfully transported and how complex the managing of the industry is - all of which I found fascinating!”

The Wallenius Wilhelmsen group is a global shipping group with 66 centres in 29 countries worldwide, with almost 9000 employees. It is a market leader in RoRo shipping and currently operates around 125 vessels, managing the distribution of cars, trucks and rolling equipment to customers all over the world.

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