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Lecturer receives military medal in front of Public Services students

Eastleigh College has welcomed representatives from the Royal Air Forces to deliver a special military presentation in front of Public Services staff and students.

Ian Adams is a Public Services Lecturer at Eastleigh College and has a decorated history in the Royal Air Forces, having served in the Royal Air Force Logistics for 34 years. Two senior representatives of the RAF, Wing Commander Arthur McGuire and Warrant Officer Mark Hammett, came into the college to present Ian with a Gulf War Medal that had never been issued during his time in the forces. They also proceeded to give an informative presentation to the class of Public Services students who were gathered to watch, discussing various career options in the Royal Air Forces and progression routes after college.

Ian commented: “Receiving my personalised Air Ops Iraq Medal from the Royal Air Force was a great pleasure because I am being recognised for my commitment and effort during Military Operations. It’s useful for students to see these types of rewards and recognition because they are a symbol of hard work and dedication, as well as meeting a particular threshold and criteria. We have many individuals in our Public Services cohort who are seeking future careers in the military so I hope this will have inspired them.”

Public Services programmes are aimed at people who have the ambition of working in military or emergency services, whether the Police Force, Fire Service, NHS or health and social services. A career in Public Services can be uniquely rewarding and enriching, offering individuals the chance to make a difference to people’s lives and the local community. Eastleigh College Public Services courses offer an exciting range of expeditions, collaborations from community services and fun team-building activities.

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