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International Literacy Day at Eastleigh College

It’s International Literacy Day and Eastleigh College has launched a new initiative to promote reading and literary discussion.

Both students and staff are invited to join Eastleigh College’s new ‘I am reading …’ scheme, with a dedicated Google Classroom page having been established. This new forum will give everyone the opportunity to share the book they are currently reading, what the book is about and who would enjoy reading it. This discussion is open to any type of book, whether fiction or non-fiction, on any subject matter.

Students are also encouraged to utilise our library service in the Learner Hub, with over 5000 books to choose from, and new books added on a regular basis.

Charlotte Drury, English Team Coordinator at Eastleigh College, commented: "As English teachers at Eastleigh College we have noticed a decline in our students reading for fun. The skill of reading is essential in life as it helps with the basics of spelling, punctuation and grammar and can also inspire new ideas and ways of thinking. As a team we hope that this initiative will encourage students to realise that there isn't one type of reader or a right or wrong book to read.”

First launched in 1967, International Literacy Day has become a global celebration of the power of language and the written word. It also serves as a reminder that literacy is fundamentally important to growth and development, while being an intrinsic aspect of basic human rights. This remains particularly significant in 2023, post-COVID-19, with literary engagement, opportunities and funding budgets across the world facing new disruptions and challenges.

According to data from UNESCO, at least one in seven people worldwide above the age of 15 still lacked basic literary skills in 2020 – a figure totalling well over 700 million. 244 million children between 6-18 weren’t enrolled in a school in 2021 while gender learning gaps remain ever present, with women representing over 60% of illiterate individuals worldwide since 2000 – a figure unchanged in 2020.

A code to join the new Eastleigh College Google Classroom can be found signposted in the Learner Hub, or by emailing us here.

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