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Industry Week gives learners unmissable January

Learners have returned to campus for the New Year for a jam-packed itinerary of workshops, talks and activities.

Learners from Hospitality, Fitness, Travel and Tourism and Uniformed Public Services came together for a special industry week coordinated by delivery heads and tutors. Thanks to the hard work of all involved, a diverse range of guest speakers representing the week’s featured industries attended, including Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Exclusive Hotels, Paulton’s Park, Hilton Ageas and South Premier Motoring.

In addition to the array of guest talks, the week also featured a selection of interactive workshops designed to help learners cultivate new skills outside of their course specialities. These included Healthy Breakfast Recipes, Allergen Awareness, Yoga, Fitness Testing, Mental Health and Wellbeing exercises and Interview Techniques. Important life skills were developed through First Aid training and role plays around aircraft procedures while others built up their business acumen with activities surrounding teamwork, leadership and communication skills.

Sue Lyons, Head of Delivery for Hospitality, Fitness, Travel and Tourism and Uniformed Public Services, said: “Industry Weeks are an excellent opportunity for learners to broaden their horizons and learn valuable skills that they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to in their regular courses. It is also a great motivator to bring in the New Year and make January unmissable as we look ahead to the new term. Learners did themselves proud and conducted themselves respectfully throughout as they stepped out of their comfort zone and engaged in activities that were very alien to them.”

James Coote of South Premier Driving gave three guest talks to almost 100 learners concerning learning to drive guidance. He commented: “It’s never too early to learn the principles of safe driving and the learners were all engaged, respectful and well behaved. I have an interest in doing more teaching  in the future and this week has given me valuable experience in this field.”

With the week being such a resounding success, plans are already in place for another Industry Week centering around Events, Hair and Beauty and Art which will commence on 16th January 2023.

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