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Health and Social Care learners get hands on at University Hospital Southampton

Level 3 Health and Social Care learners have participated in a series of study days at University Hospital Southampton to enhance their healthcare knowledge.

In order to prepare for upcoming work placements, first year Level 3 learners have taken part in five special study days, featuring both theory and practical content to help them learn. The sessions consisted of activities including simulation workshops, patient observations and fundamentals of care, overseen by Specialist Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Midwifery Educators. The simulation exercises proved especially popular and included three different scenarios – personal care of a bedbound patient, clinical observations on a patient with dementia and supporting a deteriorating patient.

These study days are designed to equip learners with a basic understanding and skillset that can help them thrive during their intensive four-week placement blocks. Placements encompass a diverse range of clinical areas including Medicine, Cardiology, Surgery, Neurology, Cancer Care, Theatres and Maternity among many others. With guidance and direct supervision from Healthcare staff, learners will have the chance to deliver real care to patients in need. This helps them to gain new knowledge and relate what they have learned in college to what they see in practice.

Nicola George, Learning in Practice Facilitator at University Hospital Southampton, said: “The students have evaluated the study days very positively and particularly appreciated the practical sessions which link theory to practice.”

Charlotte Burgess, Course Manager and Lecturer in Health and Social Care at Eastleigh College, commented: “Our partnership with UHS provides valuable experiences for our learners. These study days are the first steps in developing their clinical skills and professionalism, before undertaking clinical placements on acute wards. They are a great way to learn the fundamentals of care in a safe way which prepares them for caring for patients on placements.”

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