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Diversity Week inspires students at Eastleigh College

Eastleigh College is delighted to have held a packed programme of talks and presentations in recognition of National Diversity Week.

The past week has seen the College welcome over a dozen guest speakers to explore the theme of diversity, through personal experiences with physical and mental disabilities, oppression, wellbeing and much more. Students from right across the College have been in attendance and enjoying a celebration of individuality and unique differences in society.

One speaker on the week’s programme was Triple Paralympic Gold medallist Peter Hull, who spoke to hundreds of students on the struggles he has had to overcome in both his sporting and personal lise, and how they have strengthened his resolve and made him the person he is today. Peter commented: “Events like this are fantastic, we live in a diverse society and it’s important to raise awareness of this so that people can develop empathy and understanding. Every one of us in going to face challenges in life, but by asking for help when we need it, we can achieve anything.”

Rachel and Chris were guest speakers representing Awesomely Autistic during the week’s programme. They commented: “Thanks for inviting us to speak today with students and it was wonderful to hear the fantastic feedback we had from students and staff alike. It makes what we do so rewarding, spreading a positive message about neurodiversity in all its forms to create better understanding and acceptance in this complicated world we live in.”

Gemma Fisher, Enrichment Coordinator at Eastleigh College and organiser of the Diversity Week programme, said: “It’s important for students to feel represented and included, so we hope this week was able to provide something for everyone. The feedback we’ve received from students has been overwhelmingly positive and we want to give a huge thanks to all the amazing guest speakers we’ve welcomed this week, who’ve freely given their time and energy for this important cause!”

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