Technical and professional study programmes are a package of qualifications for students who learn better by ‘doing’, whilst still providing a route into higher education, with UCAS points, or onto employment. These courses consist of a mix of classroom-based theory lessons and practical 'hands-on' learning in specialised workshops which emulate industry environments.

Although students study one subject area, all programmes include a range of transferrable skills, which prepare students for any job role. Some colleges also offer vocational courses to study alongside academic courses. This option is less in-depth than the full-time study programme, and also does not benefit from lecturers industry experience, training on industry standard equipment and relevant work experience.

Why study a Technical and Professional course?

Technical and professional courses help you develop high level skills, equivilent to A-Levels, but with the added bonus of work experience, employer links and projects and practical tasks, instead of exams. In addition:

  • Our lecturers have recent experience in the industry they teach, meaning you will learn all about what its really like to work within the industry you choose to study
  • We constantly work with a range of employers, meaning you can hear about opportunities and industry developments straight from the people who know it best
  • A package of qualifications, which includes your 'subject' qualification, maths and English, work experience and general skills such as team working and communication
  • A period of invaluable work experience, allowing you the opportunity to try your chosen career before you go into it full time
  • A range of subject areas to choose from, including Dental Nursing, Games Design, Surveying (Built Environment) and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Flexible timetables, which allow you to build in more extra curricular activities, work experience and extended projects that best suit your own goals
  • Practical environments where you will learn how to 'do' what is required to enter your industry, through our technical workshops

Please note that some Colleges offer vocational courses to study alongside A-Levels. In these cases you only study the 'subject' parts of the qualification and do not benefit from any of the other points listed above.

Keep your options open!

Technical and professional courses do not narrow your options. They allow you to go onto University, further higher study, an Apprenticeship, or into the workplace. And although we prepare you for work, you can choose to enter the workplace whenever you feel ready, allowing you the option of going onto further study if you wish. Plus, if you are not at your best only studying for exams, our courses offer you a better opportunity to succeed, by doing something you enjoy in a style that best helps you to learn.

Don't be scared of the workplace!

Very few people know what they want to 'be' when they get their first job, and that's nothing to worry about! The best approach is to think about some of the things that you enjoy doing and even if that particular role turns out to not be quite right for you, there are sure to be a range of others in the same workplace that you have never even heard of, that could be perfect!

Going onto University

Many of our Level 3 courses offer UCAS points, which allow you to go on to study at University, should you wish to do so. One full-time technical and professional study programme gives you 3 grades, which is equivilent to 3 A-Levels. The current UCAS point tarrif is as follows:

UCAS Tarif Points  AS Level  A Level 

Technical and Professional 

Students recieve 3 grades from 1x study programme

56   A*  D* 
48    D (distinction)
32    M (merit) 
16  P (pass) 

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