If you are keen to complete an Apprenticeship you will need to secure suitable employment. In order to help you do this there are a range of workshops and websites available, many of which are listed below. The College is also able to offer specific support to help you find suitable employment. Please note that you must have already applied to Eastleigh College to attend:

  • One to one support with employability skills training, which may include CV writing or updating and interview techniques, if required
  • One to one support to understand your skills, experience and the Apprenticeships that you are looking to undertake, so that your profile can be shared with relevant employers, regarding employment opportunities
  • Active outbound contact to relevent employers by Eastleigh College in order to understand if they have opportunities available for current Apprentice applicants

Online Resources

Alternatively there are a range of resources online which you may be able to identify vacancies and employment opportunities through:

  • Checking this website for the latest vacancies from employers in the local area.
  • Using the Find an Apprenticeship Service – this online, government operated service allows users to search and apply for Apprenticeship vacancies in England. 
  • Searching company websites – some companies only advertise vacancies on their own website. Do your own research to identify potential employers in your area and visit their websites.
  • Searching internet jobsites – some companies advertise Apprenticeship vacancies on internet based jobsites. 
  • Speaking to family and friends – let them know what sort of Apprenticeship you’re interested in. They may know of a company that is thinking of taking on an apprentice.
  • The National Careers Service – provides useful advice on writing applications and what to do at interviews.

If you have any further questions about Apprenticeships, including help with finding an employer, then please feel free to contact our Apprenticeships team on 023 8091 1195 or by emailing experts@eastleigh.ac.uk.