Apprenticeships offer people the opportunity to earn money while studying for an industry-recognised qualification, and get real-life work experience along the way, without restricting future study options.

Many Apprenticeships offer a degree level option within that subject area, but you can also go on to study at University through a traditional University degree after completing an Apprenticeship.

We spoke to two Apprentices to find out what they think are the best things about being an Apprentice. Here's what they had to say:

Oliver Broughton, Engineering Apprentice at UK Mobile Media:

"I'm getting hands-on experience, which you don't get at school or College. I already have A-levels, but I'd say an Apprenticeship is better because you get to see the effects of what you're doing."

Rosie Stride, Business Administration Apprentice at Prysmian Cables:

"Compared to University courses, I get to go into a real business and work with real people in a real situation. Being able to work, earn and learn at the same time is brilliant; you're not just in a classroom, you're thrown into the deep end a bit and shown how a business actually works."