Apprenticeships are a skilled qualification which teaches you the techniques that you need for a specific job role, whilst you are employed within the workplace. More and more people are finding this a fantastic way to learn as it allows you to quickly put the skills you need into practice.

What subjects can you study an Apprenticeship in?

Last year the top three Apprenticeship subject areas in the UK were Health and Social Care, Management and Business Administration. Apprenticeships combine real work and learning, meaning that more and more people are finding Apprenticeships to be a fantastic path into a high level career.

To view our latest list of Apprenticeships please visit the courses section of this website and select the subject area you are interested in. After you have clicked on the relevant subject area, all Apprenticeship courses will be displayed when you expand the green 'Apprenticeship' bar. With subjects ranging from Dental Nursing to Surveying, there is sure to be something for everyone.

Alternatively, to view a list of current Apprenticeship vacancies, please click here.

Apprenticeships and University

Did you know that 19% of Advanced (Level 3) apprentices progress on to Higher Education, either through a higher level Apprenticeship (Level 4, 5, 6 or 7) or through a traditional University degree which can be sponsored by their employer. This gives Apprentices the job security that normal graduates do not have, and means that you can start on the route to your dream job now!

A recent Office of National Statistics survey (Graduates in the UK Labour Market 2013) stated that:

“On average graduates aged 21 earned a lower gross annual wage than 21 year olds who left education with an apprenticeship”.

A report by Dr. Philip Kirby in October 2015, titled LEVELS OF SUCCESS The potential of UK apprenticeships; Improving social mobility through education, also states that:

"Higher Apprentices at level 5 result in greater lifetime earnings than undergraduate degrees from non-Russell group Universities, according to the latest modelling by the Boston Consulting Group." This increase is an estimated £150,000 over the Apprentices lifetime.

With the continuing rise of University fee's, this route into employment can offer a much more cost-effective alternative. Plus, in a recent UKCES UK Employer Skills Survey 2015, 66% of employers rated relevant work skills as a ‘critical’ or ‘significant’ factor in recruiting new employees. With employers putting an ever increasing value on work experience, compared to academic skills, there has never been a better time to find a job you enjoy!

Apprenticeships and A-Levels

Not everyone learns best by taking exams, and therefore A-Levels may not be best suited to everyone. Apprenticeships teach you skills specific to the job role that you are doing full-time (and being paid for!) and bring you into a safe learning environment for day/block release at college to learn your new skills. This allows you to ask your lecturers any questions that you may not feel comfortable asking in your job role.

Apprenticeships are not like traditional work experience like you may have done at school, they are skilled qualifications which you can only pass if you are able to demonstrate that you can undertake certain tasks; which you can't do by just making the tea and coffee!

I don't know what job I want to do!

You will be surprised to learn the amount of different opportunities that are available within one company; some of which you may never guess! Sometimes just getting your foot through the door of a company who is willing to invest time and money into helping you learn is the best route forward.

All of our lecturers have held various roles within the industries that they teach. So even if you're unsure of what subject area to choose, attending one of our open events and speaking with somone from the industry, may help you decide the right subject for you. 

To find out when our next open event is, please visit our events page. Alternatively to speak to someone sooner, please contact our Apprenticeships team on 023 8091 1226 or email

Types of Apprenticeships

Eastleigh College offers two types of Apprenticeships, which are 'Work-Based' and 'Day/Block Release'. Both can be undertaken by anyone meeting the entry criteria who is aged 16+ and does not already hold a degree.

Generally speaking the work-based option is best suited to existing employees who are already in a relevant job role and would flourish by being offered the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification. 

Day/block release Apprenticeships are designed to give additional support to students who need some support learning the skills they need to do their job well. Often they are new recruits or students who have just left school or college.

Most Apprenticeships will state if they are work-based or day/block release within the title of the course, however if you are unsure, all 'work-based' Apprenticeships are flagged with a small suitcase icon. If in doubt, please feel free to call our Apprenticeships team on 023 8091 1226 or email

How do I find an employer?

Eastleigh College is committed to working with local employers to offer our students a fantastic range of Apprenticeship opportunities. A list of the latest employer vacancies can be viewed here.

Alternatively, you can source your own employer. For some tips on how to find an employer, please click here.

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