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Apprenticeship service logoIf you want to consider starting an apprenticeship, the Government offers inpartial advice about how to become an apprentice  (Opens in a new window). You can apply for an apprenticeship directly from school or after you complete  A-levels or a full time professional or technical qualification.

Where can I apply?

To become an apprentice you need to be employed by a business that agrees to train you on the apprenticeship programme. You have several options:

Use the Government's find an apprenticeship service. Apply for some of the hundreds of different apprenticeships available in England. You’ll need to create an account. You can apply for several apprenticeships and also save any apprenticeships you like and then apply for them later.

Apply direct to an employer. If you’ve seen an apprenticeship you like on the employer’s website or if you know of an employer you would like to get a job with. You’ll need a CV and a cover letter to apply.

Apply for apprenticeship vacancies advertised by Eastleigh College. These vacancies are with local employers who have chosen the College to be their training provider.

Apply from Eastleigh College course pages. If you wish to study at Eastleigh College, you can apply for an apprenticeship without an employer, but you will need to secure an employer before the start of the apprenticeship programme, otherwise you will need to switch to a related full-time course. We suggest you apply for several courses online from our course pages to keep your options open while you are waiting to secure employment.

What happens after I apply to Eastleigh College?

When you apply for an apprenticship there are two routes in the application process depending on whether you have already found an employer or not. This diagram show the different stages you can expect your application to go through:
Diagram of the apprenticeship application process

If at any stage you would benefit from more support, or would like to speak to someone, please email or call 023 8091 1195.

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