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As an Eastleigh College student, you will have access to a range of enrichment activities to make sure that you make the most of your time with us! This can comprise of course based enrichment, trips and visits, as well as access to college facilities and activities.

All students can also make use of the College gym and health and fitness classes and engagement in competitions and skills events.


All students will be entitled to join the National Union of Students (NUS), one of the largest organisations in the world. It represents 5 million students in Further and Higher Education throughout the UK. The NUS provides research, representation, training and expert advice for students. As a student studying at Eastleigh College you can sign up for an NUS Extra card which enables you to get discounts on all sorts of products. If you would like to sign up for an NUS Extra card ask a member of staff in the Student Services Centre.

Information on what discounts are available from NUS Extra can be found here:

Work Related Experience

Here at Eastleigh College our aim is to get students ready for the 'real' world of work.  All students are encouraged to undertake related work placements and participate in employability workshops as part of their course. 

Work placements provide many benefits, from helping you to develop your skills, building a link between your course and career opportunities and helps you to stand out to potential employers. It is a healthy opportunity for you to demonstrate what you have learnt and prove that you are a valuable member of the workforce. Students who have undertaken work placements often build positive links with employers and have a clearer understanding of the type of job they want. 

Participating in work placements and employability workshops can enhance your qualifications, and puts you in a stronger position when seeking career opportunities. For more information please email

Learner Voice

Eastleigh College recognises the importance of learner involvement and promotes a culture where the ‘learner voice’ is embedded throughout the curriculum. 

The College is committed to providing opportunities for learners to be involved and have their voice heard.  It will provide opportunities to develop learners’ commitment to the College, self-confidence and other skills that will help our learners become effective citizens in the wider community.

The College is committed to involving learners in its strategic decision-making and operational management processes, such as self-assessment, self-improvement and policy-making procedures. It also seeks feedback through tutorials, surveys, class representatives and one-to-one reviews.