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Every learner on a full time course will take part in some form of work placement. The two types are:

    • Work experience (35-100+ hours)
    • Industry Placement (315+ hours)

 You will complete a work placement in every year you attend college.

The aim of a work placement is to:

  • Gain experience in the industry you are interested in
  • Develop soft skills-confidence, communication, time management etc
  • Make connections in your chosen industry
  • Add value and experience to your CV


The Grofar system is used to process all work placements. It meets all requirements to make sure you are going to be safe and experience a high quality work placement.

The process for placements:

  • Send out consent forms to your parent/carer, employer and learner. All of these have to be completed for the placement to be authorised.
  • Health and safety questionnaire is completed and a visit of the business, if required. All placements are rated a risk between low and high.
  • Targets are set for you so you know what you should be working towards.
  • Every day you go to placement, you need to log your hours and experiences.
  • At the end of the placement you are required to complete feedback.
  • The employer will verify all hours you log and complete feedback at the end of the placement.
  • If you are on an industry placement there will be three reviews and assessments requirement throughout the placement.
  • All of this information is collated and your placement is log as a success or not. This includes looking at targets achieved.


Logging your placement hours

Adding a goal or placement to your placement

Completing skills assessments

How to submit your placement details on Grofar

How to add experiences to a placement

Grofar Supporting Documents

Benefits to Grofar 

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