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Trainee / Assistant Surveyor

Job Description

  • Exciting opportunity to join a local surveying company as part of our growing survey team. This role offers the opportunity to get involved in surveying and receive on the job training as well as external training courses to become a fully competent and qualified surveyor.
  • The assistant surveyor role is field based, this will involve travelling to the survey locations and overnight stays as required. You will be responsible for managing your own travel as directed by your supervisor.
  • You will assist your supervisor with field work to perform geophysical surveys (often using GPR) to collect data and save it for the office, and utility detection surveys, you will also assist with the collection of topographic survey information using GPS and total station as required.
  • You will have the opportunity to work outside and a variety of different environments including cities, airports, prisons, fields, roads etc. These locations can be based anywhere in the UK.
  • Candidates will be self-motivated and trustworthy, with the ability to manage themselves whilst operating in the field.
  • Good communications skills are required. A daily shift report must be submitted to the office and occasionally there will be a need to communicate with clients on site (although the majority of discussion with the customers will be handled by your supervisor).
  • There is a program for external training with courses offered by the TSA (The Survey School) which will be structured over a few years to complete the training program alongside building your field experience.
  • On non-field based days, you will attend our office in Eastleigh, Southampton, to learn GPR data processing, interpretation, and CAD skills.
  • Upon completion of the training program, you will be able to continue working within the company as a surveyor with your own assistant.
  • Candidates should have a reasonable degree of fitness and a willingness to work outside.
  • This is not an office-based role, however candidates must be computer literate.

Qualifications and Experience

  • No prior experience is required, however a good attitude and willingness to learn is essential.
  • Driving license preferred (although we can consider candidates without a license if they are working towards completion of a driving test). Note that candidates without a license will be unable to progress beyond the assistant surveyor position until they have passed their driving test.
  • A CSCS card required, you will be expected to obtain one yourself. This is inexpensive and will require passing a test similar to the driving theory test. Advice on how to obtain a CSCS card can be provided.


  • Starting salary: £21000pa.
  • Overtime and shift uplifts are available.

How to apply