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Are you the sort of person who relishes the opportunities that our digital world now provides?
Are you searching for a kickstart to a career in IT? Ageas has an opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge in a real world enviroment, obtain a Digital and Technology Solutions degree, and earn while you learn! 

Are you looking for a stimulating and rewarding way to launch your career in IT? Our programme encourages you to develop your potential, and to achieve the very best you are capable of.

The combination of a real job in an evolving IT dept, and a structured and demanding learning programme that includes a Digital and Technology Solutions degree, will give you the boost you need to fire up a career in IT.

We CARE about you. We will connect you with peers at work and University, and you will be in an enviroment that regularly recieves positive feedback about the amazing people that work here.

We want you to DELIVER real value and success in your new role. You will take initiative in the working enviroment, and ensure you make the very best of the learning and support that is provided. Understanding our customers and the business we work in is a key element of this role, so you will need a willingness to learn, and an ability to deliver results for the people that matter most.

We want to create an enviroment where you thrive and have the opportunity to work towards a genuine
career path in IT. You will spend time in different areas of the IT dept, experiencing the variety of work and
demand that requires solutions.
Over time you will develop a specialism and we will work with you to provide the most appropriate learning and envrioment to allow you to flourish. You will get a chance to help others and SHARE what you have learned, not just from a technical
perspective, but also by supporting future apprentices. Ultimately, we want you to be an employee of Ageas, not just for the length of this programme but to join our family for the longer term, helping to make people’s lives easier.

Key facts
Partnership with University of Exeter
4 year programme
Digital & Technology Solutions Degree
No University fees
Starting salary- £22,000
Start September 2023
Requires BBB A-Levels (or equivalent)
Opportunity opens Nov 2022
Structures learning and development with
an award winning company

Go to the link below and find our more about the opportunity and how to apply: