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Our aim at Eastleigh College is to get our students ready for the 'real' world of work. Our state of the art facilities and resources emulate those used in the working world, and our lecturers have years of industry-specific experience under their belts, which means you are more prepared for a career than you think!

However, our ex-students will tell you that work is nothing like college, so be prepared to continue learning once you get a job. To give you a head start, we spoke to some of the employers we work with to see what they look for in candidates applying for roles at their company, and what skills they think are most valuable in their workforce.

What employers say:

"More than anything else, what I look for in my employees is a desire to learn. We can teach the skills, but we need people to want to learn. The biggest thing I see is historically people stop learning when they leave school, and this shouldn't be the case. Your education continues throughout life. We encourage our staff to do courses and take on new skills." - Paul Davis, Debtcol. 

"For Engineering, traditionally we would look for a multiple science and maths background. These days, we value the ability to understand product development and current technology. The ability to present and get your ideas across and to be creative are also really important." - Alex Barter, Barter For Things.

"I interview most of my staff personally and my first and greatest requirement is that my staff are compassionate and empathetic. They should have a practical intelligence, feel comfortable forming strong professional relationships, have emotional depth and also a degree of emotional toughness. They need to be people who are happy to learn continuously." - Nick Turner, Right at Home UK

"During our interviews, we look for people who are able to communicate to others (clear and friendly); provide detailed and relevant examples that relate to the role; understand the company, providing evidence they have researched the organisation and role; are on time and presentable; and are an ethusiastic team player." - Natalie Dixey, Denplan

"Whether you work directly with patients or not, we look for people whose behaviours match our Trust Values. Behaviours linked to our values will lead to a focus on compassionate, high quality care for our patients, service users, their carers and their families." - Karen Bishop, Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

"At CP Inventories it is important that our team are polite, well presented and confident. In a first job role, there can be a lot to learn! So it is important to be open to feedback and try not to take it too personally. A positive attitude goes a long way." - Claire Parkinson, CP Inventories