In an increasingly competitive business world, developing skills and investing in your workforce is absolutely vital to success. We are often reminded of the dangers of failing to place emphasis on vocational skills or wasting budget on solutions of little or no benefit. Therefore the importance of effectively identifying and analysing skills gaps cannot be underestimated.

An Eastleigh College ‘Training Needs Analysis’ is designed to help you identify the specific areas where development would be beneficial for your employees. It will also help you to see how training should be aligned to organisational goals, objectives, values and plans for growth, to help ensure the right solutions are implemented.

During a Training Needs Analysis we will;

  • Give you accurate, up to date advice and guidance to help you to get the most out of the funding and grants available
  • Discuss all the course options available to suit your business, help you engage your staff and get the most out of the training
  • Identify any legislative training and suggest ways to keep you up to date, scheduling in refresher sessions as required
  • Talk through how you can access our recruitment service to help promote your apprenticeship vacancies
  • Answer any other questions you have and suggest bespoke training solutions to meet your needs

With its practical and interactive approach, the analysis will allow you to provide your staff with the opportunity to flourish in-line with their own needs and those of your business.

We can deliver a wide range of Apprenticeships, Maths and English qualifications, NVQs and VRQs wholly in the workplace. For full details on this, or to request a Training Needs Analysis, please email or call 023 8091 1195.