From April 2018, new legislation means that all companies could benefit from the Government's Apprenticeship Levy initiative.

As a result of the changes released by the Government, all employers could benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy funding. Levy-paying employers will be able to transfer up to 10% of their Apprenticeship funds to:

  • An employer in their supply chain
  • Employers in their industry
  • Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA)
  • Regional partners

The 10% is worked out from the employers Levy declared in addition to the percentage of English employees who are eligible for the funding and the Government top-up payment.

The helpful information below will inform you of how the latest changes could benefit or business. You may also wish to watch a short 3-minute video on how to transfer your funds.

I am an employer wanting to transfer funds

  • You must have enough funds to transfer to another employer and have a clear understanding of the forecasted cost to you.
  • You will be funding the total cost of the Apprenticeship, not just the 10% co-investment.
  • You must agree the details of the Apprenticeship you’re funding, with the employer receiving the transfer.
  • Be aware of the funding rules around transferring Apprenticeship funds which will be published at a later date.
  • If you currently have an apprentice funded by a transfer, you can’t transfer funds to another employer at the same time.
  • If you’re currently transferring funds to another employer, you can’t receive transferred funds to pay for your Apprenticeships.
  • Payments will be made monthly from your Apprenticeship Service account.
  • If the Apprenticeship stops, your transferred payments will stop.

Why transfer my Levy funds?

  • Ensure the money you’ve already paid doesn’t get wasted – each monthly Levy payment is valid for two years and any unspent funds can now be transferred to another business to use for training.
  • Address specific skill shortages in your industry or help improve the service you receive from your suppliers, by passing your funds on to those in your supply chain.
  • Once the apprentice is trained and looking to step up the career ladder, it could be your business they progress with, adding long-term value to your organisation.

I am an employer wanting to receive a transfer

  • You can only use the transferred funds for Apprenticeship training and assessment.
  • Funds can only be used for Apprenticeship Standards.
  • You must be registered on the Digital Apprenticeship Service.
  • You’ll need to sign an agreement with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).
  • If the Apprenticeship ends, your funding will stop.
  • If the funds you’ve received run out, you will be asked to make the 10% co-investment contribution to the cost of the training.
  • If the cost of the training exceeds the maximum of an Apprenticeship standard, you’ll need to pay the difference to the training provider.
  • Be aware of the funding rules around transferring Apprenticeship funds which will be published at a later date.

10% of all the funds you receive as a transfer from another employer count as state aid.

Therefore, you should check:

  • How much state aid you’ve already received in any 3 year period, so you don’t go over the 200,000 euros limit you’re allowed
  • If you’re part of a connected organisation, you’ll need to find out the combined total of state aid you’ve received for that 3 year period.

How will it benefit my business?

  • Access funds which have previously been exclusively for larger employers, ensuring your staff are trained in a cost-neutral way.
  • Funds can be used to upskill staff and train new apprentices with the skills and knowledge required in your field of work, all as a cost-neutral exercise.
  • Add value to your company – benefit from skilled and motivated apprentices keen to learn and progress.
  • Increase your capabilities and capacity within the industry, benefitting employers further up your supply chain.
  • Be a valuable asset in your sector – provide a pipeline to the industry’s future workforce by equipping future workers with the necessary skills.

Need further information?

Our Apprenticeship Experts are equipped with the knowledge of the latest changes to regulations and can offer further information and advice on how businesses can benefit from the Apprenticeship Levy. Simply call 023 8091 1195 or email to speak to one of our friendly advisors today!