How will assessments / visits be carried out?

Ensuring minimal disruption to the workplace and the learners usual duties where possible. Some visits will focus on an observational assessment so the learner will not be taken away from his/her tasks, others require one-to-one sessions with the assessor so the learner will be required to leave their post for a short while.

Can I enrol staff onto multiple qualifications?

At any one time a learner is only eligible to enrol for a single Apprenticeship or NVQ framework. However, this does not mean that they cannot enrol to complete additional short courses such as First Aid, Manual Handling, IT qualifications or other similar vocationally relevant training.

How long will it take for the learner to complete?

As a guide; A Level 2 Apprenticeship will be completed over the course of a year, a Level 3 takes an average of 18 months and some higher level frameworks are longer. Most importantly, we allow the learner sufficient time to complete the programme successfully without them feeling rushed.

Do the learners have to start at the lowest level and work their way up?

Not necessarily. Anyone who is in the appropriate job role with long term experience, or has already completed a qualification previously may be eligible to enrol for a higher level qualification.

Is Additional Learning Support offered for workplace based qualifications?

All our learners, regardless of their place of learning, or the type of qualification they are completing are able to access additional learning support should they feel they need it. However, please note that the level of support available depends on the course being undertaken and the funding available.