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How do I enrol members of my staff?

If you are looking for courses for multiple staff members, please contact the team and we will talk you through the options for training, funding and the most efficient enrolment process.

Once you know the course you would like your employee to take, please ask them to complete an online application form using this website. Go to the relevant course page on this website and click the 'apply' button at the bottom of the page, against the time and date option that you would like to study. When submitted, the application will be sent through to our admissions team to follow up.

A place on a chosen course is not confirmed until all of the necessary enrolment paperwork is signed and any relevant fees are paid. For more information, call 023 8091 1000  or email

How many apprentices does Eastleigh College train in a year?

Eastleigh College is the largest College provider of apprenticeships in the Solent region. We delivered over 1250 apprenticeships in 2019/2020.

Where can I see the full list of apprenticeships currently on offer at Eastleigh College?

The full list is HERE with more than 30 apprenticeship standards offerred in 2021. Contact us for information to help make decisions about funding, grants and course content. Please note that all courses are subject to minimum numbers and course descriptions may be subject to change.

How will assessments / visits be carried out?

Assessments will ensuring minimal disruption to the workplace and the learners usual duties where possible. Some visits will focus on an observational assessment so the learner will not be taken away from their tasks. Sometimes one-to-one sessions might be required with the assessor so the learner will leave their post for a short while.

Can a learner enrol onto multiple qualifications?

At any one time a learner is only eligible to enrol for a single Apprenticeship or NVQ. However, they can enrol to complete additional short courses such as First Aid, Manual Handling, IT qualifications or other similar vocationally relevant training.

How long will it take a learner to complete an apprenticeship?

Level 2 apprenticeships are usually completed over the course of a year. Level 3 takes an average of 18 months. We allow the learner sufficient time to complete the programme successfully without them feeling rushed.

Do learners have to start at the lowest level and work their way up?

Not necessarily. Anyone who is in the appropriate job role with long term experience, or has already completed a qualification previously may be eligible to enrol for a higher level qualification.

Is Additional Learning Support offered for workplace based qualifications?

All Eastleigh College learners, regardless of their place of learning, or the type of qualification they are completing are able to access additional learning support should they feel they need it. However, please note that the level of support available depends on the course being undertaken and the funding available.

What year at school must a learner complete before they can start an apprenticeship?

Year 11

What is the online system called where learners can search and apply for apprenticeship jobs?

Find an apprenticeship. It is free of charge to register. Create an account to manage your applications and get alerts about new apprenticeships.

What should a learner do if they have already found an employer who wants to offer them an apprenticeship?

Advise them to contact the National Apprenticeship Service via the website GOV.UK or call National Apprenticeship Service helpline on 08000 150 600 to speak to someone for assistance.

How many different types of apprenticeships are there?

There are more than 700 apprenticeship standards listed by The Institute for Apprenticeships. Find out about the apprenticeships offered by Eastleigh College.

How many individuals start an apprenticeship each year?*

In 2018/19, there were 742,400 people participating in an apprenticeship in England, with 393,400 apprenticeship starts and 185,100 apprenticeship achievements.

What are the most popular apprenticeships?*

In 2018/19, 44% of apprenticeships started in 2018/19 were at advanced level, with 19% started at higher level.

83% of all starts were in four subject areas:

  • Business, Administration and Law;
  • Health, Public Services and Care;
  • Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies
  • Retail & Commercial Enterprise.

How is the profile of apprentices changing?*

Of all the apprenticeships started in 2018/19, 46% were by people aged 25. The age group with the largest increase was by those aged between 35 and 44, with 21% more starts than in 2017/18. The gender profile has also changed. The number of women and men starting apprenticeships in 2018/19 were almost at the same level, with slightly more starts by women (50.1%). In 2017/18, there were slightly more starts by men (51%).

[ *Source: Apprenticeship Statistics - UK Parliament, briefing paper number 06113, 27 August 2020 ]

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