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Apprenticeships are proven to offer a wealth of benefits to your business, and with the new Government focus on its growth, plus the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, there has never been a better time to take on an Apprentice; whether you will be a Levy payer, or not.

In contrast to other training providers, we are pleased to offer two types of Apprenticeships, to best suit the needs of your employees and your business:

Apprenticeships benefit a range of individuals, not just school leavers, helping you to grow your business with new and more skilled talent! This includes:

  • Trained professionals who need an accreditation to move to the next level within your business
  • Established professionals who wish to switch career
  • Individuals who are just starting out in your industry

A lot of the businesses we work with tell us that Apprentices don’t just boost staff morale, as employees see the investment in training, but that they also offer a critical solution to growing skills gaps within their workforce.

They are also not just for trades! In 2014/15 the 3 biggest subject areas studied nationally were: Health and Social Care, Business Administration and Management. The first 'trade' does not appear until 8th (engineering) and is 25,000 starts off of the top 3 spots!

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