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What this means for you

As learners will be aware, some summer 2021 exams have been cancelled and qualifications will be awarded by the Teacher Assessment Grade (TAG) process.

Eastleigh College is working as instructed by DfE and regulators to put their requirements for TAG into place to ensure consistency across all grading decisions.

Following the College TAG policy and guidance on summer 2021 arrangements from the Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ), the College will submit TAG grades by Friday 18/06/2021 for all eligible qualifications.

This web page details the types of evidence that the College will use to grade learners and provides an overview of the quality assurance processes the College would follow to ensure the consistency of these grades. Please see specific information below for GCSE, Core Maths and Vocational qualifications.

Categories of qualifications delivered at Eastleigh College

Following Awarding Organisation guidance and information, the College has categorised the qualifications it delivers into the distinct groups below. Please use the OFQUAL explainer tool or ask your tutor if you are unsure which category your qualification falls into:

  • Category A – GCSEs, Core Maths, Vocational and Technical Qualifications used for progression to Higher Education – e.g. BTECs, Cambridge Technical, NCFE level 3 qualifications. Category A qualifications will be awarded a TAG grade. Please speak to your tutor or English/maths tutor if you have any queries. Specific information on TAG for vocational qualifications and Maths GCSE and Core Maths is provided further down this page.

  • Category B – Vocational and Technical Qualifications used for direct entry to employment and demonstrate occupational or professional competence – e.g. Motor Vehicle, Plumbing and some construction qualifications. Category B qualifications, exams and assessments will continue to be delivered in a Covid secure manner as alternative arrangements cannot be used to assess learner’s competence.

  • Category C – Other qualifications used for progression to employment e.g. Functional Skills. Category C qualifications, exams and assessments will continue to go ahead in a Covid secure manner however, alternative arrangements will be made where assessments cannot take place in the normal way.

  • Category D – Higher Education qualifications funded via Higher Education Loans (Student Loans Company) e.g. HNC Creative Media. Category D qualifications will be subject to qualification level arrangements in conjunction with the University of Portsmouth. Please contact your tutor with specific queries regarding the awarding or assessment of your qualification.

TAG for GCSE & Core Maths

For the vast majority of learners the College will use a range of the following evidence:

Learner work produced in previous exam series mock exams, centre-devised and Awarding Organisation devised tasks that reflect the specification, that follow the same format as exam board or awarding organisation materials and have been marked in a way that reflects exam board mark schemes - this includes:

  • Internal tests taken under exam/controlled conditions
  • Mock examination taken under exam/controlled conditions
  • Awarding Organisation assessments taken under exam/controlled conditions

Where a learner has not been able to access all the assessment sessions due to unforeseen circumstances the College will ensure the evidence used (other than the above) is quality assured as per the information below.

TAG for Vocational Qualifications

Where possible the College has attempted to ensure that the full range of assessment criteria have been completed and assessed prior to the submission of the TAG to the Awarding Organisation. Where the completion of the full assessment criteria has not been possible the College has used a range of assessment information to inform the TAG and confirm competency.

For the vast majority of learners the College will use the following evidence:

  • Learner work produced in response to assessment materials provided by the exam board or awarding organisation, including groups of questions, past papers or similar materials such as practice or sample papers
  • Banked assessment and assignment grades from previously completed assessment work
  • Non-exam assessment (NEA) work (often referred to as coursework), even if this has not been fully completed
  • Learner work produced in centre-devised tasks that reflect the specification, that follow the same format as exam board or awarding organisation materials and have been marked in a way that reflects exam board mark schemes - this can include:
    • substantial class or homework (including those that took place during remote learning)
    • internal tests taken by learners
    • mock exams taken over the course of study
  • Records of a learner’s capability and performance over the course of study in performance-based subjects e.g., Sport, Electrical Installation, Uniformed Services
  • Witness testimony used in conjunction with other forms or evidence,
  • Evidence from work placements and recording of practical performance
  • Records of each learner’s progress and performance over the course of study

Further Information

The Eastleigh College TAG policy details that the College will consider the following factors to ensure each piece of evidence is treated consistently when making grading judgements:

What students were asked to do

The College will aim to use consistent sources of evidence for a class or cohort that relate closely to the specification requirements e.g., standardised assessments, mock examinations.

The College has provided differentiated and tiered assessments and tasks for learners studying GCSE mathematics to ensure all assessments are appropriately demanding.

How the evidence was produced

The College should be confident that work produced is the student’s own and that the student has not been given inappropriate levels of support to complete it, either in the centre, at home or with an external tutor.

Therefore, the vast majority of evidence the College will use to determine a TAG has been produced under ‘High Control’ scenarios e.g. mock exams in a controlled environment, centre derived/Awarding organisation derived assessments.

Quality assurance

All learner work has been quality assured following the Colleges internal quality assurances processes or been externally sampled by an awarding organisation (where required).

Please be aware the College are not able to share any Teacher Assessment Grades prior to the scheduled results days.

TAG results and results days

Dates for all Summer 2021 results are below:

  • Level 3 Qualifications (A level) – Tuesday 10th August 2021
  • Level 2 Qualifications (GCSE) – Thursday 12th August 2021

If you have any questions or queries regarding the awarding of qualifications this academic year, please contact your tutor in the first instance who will be able to provide you with specific qualification information.

Download the Teacher Assessed Grades Policy - summer 2021