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Summer 2021 Teacher Assessment Grade (TAG) Appeals 

The College has an approved Teacher Assessment Grade Policy which details the responsibility of the College in determining TAG grades in summer 2021 and can be found here

Any learner who wishes to appeal a Teacher Assessment Grade (TAG) must follow the College’s appeals process (below) in the first instance. All appeals request are to be submitted in writing to The College will normally respond within 2 working days to any appeals requests. The College will respond to all appeals with a request for further information to ensure that appeal can be managed as per the process below.  

All appeals will be considered via the following process: 

Stage One: Centre review 

All appeals in relation to grading and assessment during periods of extraordinary assessment regulations will be immediately referred to an Appeals Panel where the panel reviews the result of the teacher assessed grade on the grounds that either: 

  • The College has not followed its procedures properly or consistently in arriving at the result, or
  • Made an administrative error when submitting the teacher assessed grade to the awarding organisation.

Requests for appeals on the grounds of academic judgement (unreasonableness) will only be considered by awarding organisations (at Stage Two) and not by centres. A Stage One review must be completed in all cases to ensure that the centre has not made any procedural or administrative errors. 

A learner may submit a request for a review but subsequently decide to withdraw it. A learner will be allowed to withdraw a request for a centre review, so long as no finding has been made. A centre review request cannot be withdrawn once a finding has been made. 

Possible outcomes: 

  • Where no error has been made, the College will be able to help you to understand why that grade has been awarded. 
  • Where an error is confirmed the College will confirm the next stage of the appeals process.
  • A learner who is unsatisfied with the outcome of the centre review can request that the centre (College) submits an appeal to the Awarding Organisation (See Stage Two below for further detail). Learners and Parents cannot appeal directly to the Awarding Organisation.

The College will communicate the outcome of the centre review in writing following the key dates and timeline below. The Colleges outcome of the centre review will also confirm the next steps available to learners e.g. Stage two appeal or to follow the Colleges complaints policy and the process for continuing the complaint or appeal 

Stage Two: Appeals to the Awarding Organisation 

An appeal can only be made against a result issued (post results confirmation). The centre (College) will submit an appeal to the awarding organisation if the learner considers that: 

  • The centre did not follow its procedure properly and consistently in arriving at the result, or during the centre review
  • The Awarding Organisation made an administrative error in relation to the result
  • The centre made an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in the choice of evidence from which to determine the grade and/or the determination of that grade from evidence

Possible Outcomes: 

  • As a result of the appeal, the case will either be rejected or upheld in whole or part (depending on the reason(s) for appeal)
  • The fact that an appeal has been upheld will not necessarily result in a change in grade
  • Following quality assurance checks (where appropriate) based on any category of appeal the awarding organisation will make the grade amendment and report the outcome and reasons to the centre (College)
  • If the exam board finds the grade is not reasonable based on the review, they will determine the alternative grade and inform the centre (College). It is the Colleges responsibility to communicate any updated or alternative grades with learners 
  • It is possible for grades to remain the same, go up or down based on an Stage Two appeal

Key dates and Timeline: 

10 August to 7 September: priority appeals window (e.g. for learners who have a place at University). All Stage One & Two appeal request must include the UCAS personal ID for it to be processed. 

  • 10 August to 16 August: learner requests centre review 
  • 10 August to 20 August: centre conducts centre review 
  • 11 August to 23 August: centre submits appeal to exam board 
  • 10 August to end October: majority of non-priority appeals take place  
  • 10 August to 3 September: learner requests centre review 
  • 10 August to 10 September: centre conducts centre review 
  • 11 August to 17 September: centre submits appeal to exam board

Exam Procedure review service 

In cases of disagreement between the centre and the exam board, or if the learner disagrees with the centre or the exam board, the case can be referred to Ofqual’s Exams Procedure Review Service (EPRS). The exam board’s decision on the grade following appeal will stand unless the EPRS finds that the exam board has made a procedural error. 

Appeals are not likely to lead to adjustments in grades where the original grade is a reasonable exercise of academic judgement supported by the evidence. Grades can go up or down as the result of an appeal. 

The Colleges TAG grade appeals process is consistent with the JCQ guide to appeals processes summer 2021 series.