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Updated 19th March 2021

We know that this has been an unsettling time and that the cancellation of GCSE and some other exams will have undoubtedly caused concerns and raised many questions about the awarding of grades and qualifications this summer.

We have continued to work closely with awarding organisations and monitor the updated guidance from the Department of Education and Ofqual so that we are able to provide you with the most up to date guidance. It is expected that we will begin to receive detailed and specific guidance on how qualifications will be awarded this summer towards the end of March 2021.

Over the next two weeks from Monday 22 March to 1 April all GCSE English Language, Mathematics and Core Maths learners will sit mock examinations. All exams (where possible) will take place in normal scheduled lessons to minimise any disruption to timetabled activity. Specific details are available in Google Classroom and are displayed around the College. If any learner has a question, query or concern please raise these with your English and Maths tutors as early as possible.

The detail we have at this time is clear that a range of evidence should be used to support the grading of all GCSE and Core Maths qualifications this academic year. While the College has completed a number of assessments during the academic year the mock exam will give all learners the opportunity to be assessed against all teaching and learning completed during the year. It is important to note that the mock exam grade is not the final grade, but the mock exam outcome will be a component of the evidence used as part of the grading process this academic year. It is important that all learners attend all mock exam sessions during this period and attempt all assessment criteria.

All mock exam papers will be anonymised to ensure objectivity and a sample will be double marked to ensure the consistency of grading. The College aims to communicate the outcome of the mock exams the week beginning 26 April 2021. All timetabled lessons will continue from 19 April 2021 with further opportunities to submit assessment work during the first half of the summer term. Further details on ongoing assessment will be provided once the College has received clear guidance at the end of March 2021.