Transition support

We recognise that the exam and assessment changes this summer will have caused uncertainty for schools, pupils, their families and future employers. The College is wholly committed to ensuring that no course or apprenticeship applicant will be disadvantaged as a result of the exam and assessment changes and we will work with every individual to ensure transition to College is as smooth as possible.

For those yet to apply or yet to be interviewed, staff will ask to see Year 10 and Year 11 reports, mock results and any GCSE or vocational courses already completed, to inform decisions about all course and apprenticeship offers.

Where can I see which of our pupils have applied?

You can check which of your pupils have applied via our schools portal here. If you experience any problems with logging in please contact our Marketing team

Will the college be able to attend our assemblies and careers fairs in the autumn?

College staff will be able to visit external premises as long as that setting has a Covid-19 secure risk assessment in place which has been verified by the College Health and Safety Team.

The College will be supplying all schools with a video which can played in virtual assemblies or a member of our staff will be able to join your virtual assembly via Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts or other platform provided by you to present and answer live questions.

For more information please contact our Marketing team here.

Is there any summer work which can be given to our pupils to complete?

Our staff have put together some useful resources which your pupils can work through at their own pace, over the autumn term and summer. Our resources cover the key skills they have learnt at school and allow them to develop these further for their new college course.

All of our resources for year 11s can be found on our website here.

Is there a way I can stay up to date with the latest news from Eastleigh College?

If you would like to opt in to receive the latest news from Eastleigh College via email please email

We also have social media channels which are kept regularly updated, follow the links here for our main channels: InstagramTwitterFacebookLinkedIn and YouTube.