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Covid-19 Update

Given the Covid-19 pandemic, the College calendar has been changed for the first term of the 2020/21 academic year and has introduced a two-week October half term break. This break is from Monday 19 to Friday 30 October during which time the College is closed to Learners. The College office will be open from Monday 19 to Friday 23 October (telephone/email enquiries open) and closed from Monday 26 October to Friday 30 October (telephone/email enquiries closed until Monday 2 November). From 2 November we are increasing the areas in which a face mask or covering is required to be worn.

The College has remained open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and since the beginning of the academic year learners have returned to onsite learning for all, or the majority of, their planned hours as per government guidelines which are closely being monitored. 

The following video explains how we are keeping our college Covid-19 secure and what learners must do when at college.

What steps is the College taking to protect learners, staff and our community?

From Monday 2 November we are increasing the areas in which a face mask or covering is required to be worn. A face mask or covering is required to be worn at all times by learners when inside with the only exception being when seated and eating. 


  • Self isolate, follow test and trace process if: 
    a) you have any Covid-19 symptoms.
    b) you test positive for Covid-19.
    c) someone in your household /support bubble test positive for Covid-19.
    d) you are told to by test and trace or the NHS Covid-19 app..

  • If used, share with the College notifications from NHS Covid-19 App.
  • Bring a packed lunch and drink.
  • Bring a personal sanitiser.
  • Bring a spare face mask or covering in case initial one gets dirty or damp.
  • Bring a ziploc bag to store used face mask or covering.
  • Commit to our workplace values to ensure every chance of success for yourself and others during what is a very different time for us all.


  • Walk, cycle or scoot to College if you can.
  • If travelling by public transport remember that a face mask or covering is mandatory.
  • Maintain social distancing.
  • Set off to arrive promptly at College so as to avoid congregating ahead of class.


  • Access the building by the nearest entrance to your classroom.
  • Wash hands/sanitise upon arrival.

Common areas

  • Wear face mask or covering.
  • Keep left in all corridors and on stairs.
  • Toilets are cubicles use only – if fully occupied wait outside and maintain social distancing.
  • Regularly wash hands/sanitise.
  • Ensure  you are always socially distanced in the canteen and only remove face mask or covering when sat down, eating or drinking.
  • Please use tables and chairs in the canteen as they have been set so as to maintain social distancing.
  • Respond positively to requests made of you by College staff who are seeking to maintain our Covid secure approach.


  • Wear face mask or covering.
  • Wash hands/sanitise before entering.
  • Sit where asked to by staff.
  • If using the NHS Covid-19 App keep phone on person, switched to silent mode with Bluetooth on.

Workshops and real work environments

  • Wear face mask or covering (in addition Beauty, Hair and Catering to wear face mask or covering and face shield).
  • Wash hands/sanitise before entering.
  • Wipe down equipment and tools prior to and after use.
  • Work with other learners (fixed pairs/groups) as directed by staff.
  • If using the NHS Covid-19 App keep phone on person, switched to silent mode with Bluetooth on.

What equipment will I need?

To be able to study effectively online (if required) you will need access to IT resources such as a good laptop/PC and internet access. We know that not everyone has access to their own laptop or reliable internet and we will seek to provide support through loan of equipment wherever possible.

In addition, some of our courses require specific equipment or clothing.

I’m feeling really anxious about the current situation, is there anyone to talk to?

During term time if you are finding things particularly difficult and feel you need someone to talk to, our counselling team can help. Contact the counselling team directly on 023 8091 1127 or 07535 056854 or by emailing them here.