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Sophie Lines joined Eastleigh College with a limited skillset and understanding of Art and Design, and has since progressed to have not only completed her course, but to have undertaken a degree at university and exhibited work in cities across the South, including Bristol, Bath and London.

Sophie’s journey at Eastleigh College began with a Level 3 National Diploma in Art and Design, a course that introduced her to a range of new artistic mediums such as sculpture, pinhole photography and textiles. Starting out she lacked confidence in her ability, but through participation in a variety of workshops, she felt empowered to move outside her comfort zone and learn a wide variety of new techniques and skills.


Sophie commented: “My time at Eastleigh College was inspiring, it helped me to develop my confidence and skills as an artist. When I first started I was quite shy and nervous, but with the support of the College staff, I gained confidence in myself and my creative practice. I was introduced to a variety of engaging workshops that taught me many techniques which I still use today.”


One of the big contributing factors to Sophie’s success was the level of support she received from her College lecturers and technicians. As a student with dyslexia, she struggled with the written aspects of the course but consistent staff guidance and encouragement helped her get the best out of her technical abilities while their support extended into her future career developments, with personal assistance in completing higher education applications.

Eastleigh College helped me to transform my passion into a future job prospect and gave me the confidence to progress onto university.



Matthew Anstee, Art, Design and Media Technician at Eastleigh College, commented: “Sophie is an excellent example of a quiet and shy student overcoming her insecurity in her ability and exceeding at higher education. It’s great to see her now doing some interesting work at university with biofabrics and sustainable materials as part of her fine art practice.”


Upon completing her Level 3 Diploma, Sophie further undertook a Level 4 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design which gave her an advanced understanding of art history as well as different art movements and styles to enhance her work.


Since Sophie left Eastleigh College, she has been proactive in engaging with the art community, working with sculptures, textiles, design, performance and installation. Through such projects she has been able to build up a wide network of industry contacts and collaborators that have opened up new opportunities for career development. Highlights have included performing at The Courts in Bristol, exhibiting at 44 AD Studios in Bath and further exhibiting at The Holy Gallery in London.


Sophie is currently studying Creative Arts Practice at Bath Spa University and specialises in Mixed Media Textiles, alongside a part-time job in a designer retail store. She is currently biofabricating her own materials using sustainable products to form sculptures and installation art inspired by futuristic plants and innovative technologies. In the future she intends to continue her studies with a Masters degree in Material Futures with the aim to work within a design company specialising in sustainable materials and fabrication.