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Since leaving school, Sophie has tried a variety of Apprenticeships which includes Hairdressing and Business Administration, but is now enjoying her Level 3 AAT Accountancy Apprenticeship at Eastleigh College.  From Sophie’s journey from school to where she is now, it’s clear that one thing Sophie has been sure of was the value of Apprenticeships. She explains, “I am much better with hands-on learning than I am learning from books and an Apprenticeship has given me the opportunity to prove myself in a working environment.” She adds, “As a care-leaver I needed to be working to support myself and my Apprenticeships have enabled me to learn new skills and earn money.”

During her previous Apprenticeship, Sophie was introduced to finance which was something she enjoyed and wanted to explore even further. She explains, “I wanted to study something broad which is not just suited to one profession and could open up a lot of avenues.” 

Sophie’s exposure to the workplace during her Apprenticeships, in addition to the new skills she’s learning on her current Apprenticeship has equipped her with a wealth of skills setting her in good stead for the future. She explains, “At the end of this Apprenticeship I can apply for a job knowing I can offer a variety of skills. I can offer business admin support because of the knowledge gained from my previous Apprenticeship, offer good customer service because of the skills my hairdressing Apprenticeship gave me, and with my current AAT qualification I can also offer my skills in this field as well." 

The Apprenticeship not only equips Sophie with the knowledge and skills required for her role, but attending college has also given her the opportunity to network with other professionals studying at college. She highlights, “I like the diversity at the college. In the class we talk about work scenarios, and it’s through listening to others and understanding how they have put their skills into practice which has also helped me learn.”

I never thought I was clever enough, but the best thing about doing my AAT Apprenticeship is realising what my capabilities are.


The Apprenticeship has been an opportunity for Sophie to gain confidence in her abilities and gain credibility working. She adds, "I can finish my Apprenticeship and know I’m able to do the job straight away and I’m not someone who has sat in a classroom studying all day, but that I am actually a key member in any team!” 

After studying at various colleges, Sophie explains what makes Eastleigh College standout and describes, “The support I’ve been given and flexibility of the course is good. There’s great interaction with the teachers who are keen to know about you rather than just get you through the course.”

To find out more about the range of apprenticeships at Eastleigh College and to find out how they can prepare you for your future, visit the careers webpage.

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