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Phoebe really enjoyed school, and did really well in her GCSEs. She decided she wanted to pursue Carpentry at college, since a lot of her family are successful in the woodwork trade, including her brother who is a boat builder.

Phoebe has now completed the first year of her Level 2 qualification, and has just secured an Apprenticeship with property development firm, Barratt Homes.

She says Eastleigh College has prepared her well for the transition into the workplace, “The workshops at the College give you a taste of what it’s like on-site, working alongside the guys with all the banter.”

Phoebe’s favourite part of favourite part of the course is practically working with the wood, learning how to use the tools and creating new structures. Her biggest achievement so far is creating a stud wall. Commenting on the project, she said, “It was quite daunting, thinking I had to build a wall! But once I had the door frame in and hung the door, I was really proud how it turned out. I really like going home and saying ‘I’ve done something different today’.”


Aside from learning the technical skills required to work with the wood, Phoebe feels her confidence in talking to people has been really useful both in the College workshops and on site as part of her Apprenticeship. She said, “Communication is key on sites, to both your peers and superiors.”

In the future, Phoebe would eventually like to move into Bench Joinery, and then specialise in making furniture and creating detailed woodwork.

You learn without realising it when you’re not in a classroom – it can be daunting, but don’t let your fears or lack of confidence stop you.


Phoebe has seen great success throughout her Carpentry studies, and is looking forward to achieving great things! Her skills have also come in handy around the house, with the odd DIY job coming her way now and again.

To find out more about the Carpentry courses offered at Eastleigh College, please visit the Carpentry careers page. To speak to an advisor or to discuss Apprenticeships, please call 023 8091 1299.