During her final years at school Maddii wasn’t sure exactly what to do at College – she really enjoyed drama and thought that might be a good option, but she wasn’t that keen on being on stage. Maddii was interested in make-up from reading articles online, watching Youtube videos and following bloggers, and this is what made her look into Hair and Media Make-up.

During her research Maddii thought that the course at Eastleigh College was the best fit for her, since it covered media, theatre, TV, film and also fashion photography. She found her favourite part of the course to be trying new things. “It’s more in-depth than you think”, she said, “It’s not just the basics like applying foundation. You have to learn all the techniques including hair, prosthetics, and changing characters.”

Creating characters is one of Maddii’s favourite parts of the course. In order to create a character, she first draws out a face plan and gets further inspiration, before re-creating this on the person. Her favourite character so far has been Peter Pan, as this involved adding natural elements such as leaves and feathers.

Throughout her course Maddii has been contacting local organisations to try and get as much work experience as possible. She is required to complete a set amount of work experience hours during her course, but so far she has more than doubled that amount! Maddii’s most recent projects include volunteering with the Eastleigh Youth Theatre, working with them on their production of Les Miserables and Pirates of Penzance.

“It was really fun”, said Maddii, “there was lots to do, such as ageing characters as they came off stage.”

She has also volunteered at a personal shopping experience in London. “I’d really recommend doing extra work experience”, she added, “it has given me more confidence in my work and I’m not nervous about approaching new people for opportunities. It makes such a difference doing it for real; in a class you can be relaxed as there are no time pressures, whereas in real life you have added stresses. You learn so much more actually doing it.”

The course gives you the basis for everything, which allows you to experience so many things before making a decision on your career. It’s really helped me decide what I want to do.


Maddii thoroughly enjoys the Hair and Media Make-up course, and will be staying on next year to complete the Level 3 qualification. The best thing about College for Maddii is the fact that she gets to spend every day with like-minded people with the same interests, which makes the course feel like a big family.

At Eastleigh College we hope every student makes their most of their time here, and that includes getting involved in extra events and work experience! Follow us on social media to keep up to date with what the students get up to, or visit our careers page to find out more about the Hair and Media Make-up course.