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Ash has always had a keen interest in cars growing up, which led him towards choosing an automotive college course. After finishing school he looked around several colleges before deciding that Eastleigh College was right for him, plus he had heard good things about the College through family and friends who had studied here.

Starting at Level 1, Ash progressed through to Level 3, but was offered a job before he could even complete the final year! Ash said, “One of the lecturers had contacts with Winchester Skoda, and he arranged some work experience for me over the summer holidays. I then applied for an Apprenticeship with them and was selected from over 200 other applicants. Even though I hadn’t finished my course, I wanted to take it because I knew what I could achieve.” Ashley’s lecturers were ecstatic that he had got the job, and encouraged him to progress onto the Apprenticeship.

Once at Skoda, Ashley was required to complete Skoda’s Apprenticeship scheme which involved going back to Level 1 and working his way through to Level 3 again. However, the course involved more technical aspects related to Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi cars, which mean Ash was learning more specialist skills than before.

During his training with Skoda, Ash was set coursework which complemented the topics learnt at the National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes, for example advanced engines or advanced gearboxes. Ash always completed his work ahead of time and to an exceptional standard, which prompted his teachers to nominate him for Skoda’s Student of the Year.

Ash is incredibly proud to have won the award, “The title means a lot to me. To be the best out of hundreds of apprentices across the country is amazing, and it’s one of my biggest achievements.”

Ash finished his Apprenticeship with Skoda, and is now working there as a qualified technician, while enjoying working about the brand even further.

In the future, he plans to work his way up to Workshop Controller, then Service Manager at a main dealer, and maybe even open his own garage one day.

What I’m achieving isn’t just for me – these kinds of opportunities are given to anyone out there who is willing to work hard.


Speaking about his training experience, Ash said, “Apprenticeships are definitely a good idea, as it gives you a feel for what the trade is like. There are so many people to guide and support you at work, and it opens opportunities for more specialist qualifications. However, I wouldn’t have got to where I am without doing my Diploma at college first, because it gave me a head start in understanding the basics.

College can lead you in a variety of directions, whether that be onto University, straight into a job or onto another qualification like Ash. Embrace the opportunities you are given and you never know where you could end up!

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