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What opportunities will this course give me?

Our lives can no longer avoid technology: from connecting with family and friends with video calls and images, banking, emails, shopping, travel, remote working and so much more, smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers have now become a daily and expected part of life. By learning how to use these devices, you will experience a major benefit in your day-to-day life: its no exaggeration to say that these devices will enrich your life.

Thats why we are excited to deliver the Essential Digital Skills (entry 3 and level 1) programme. This exciting new qualification is ideal for learners with a limited understanding of how to use computers and are looking to scale their understanding. Our ultimate aim is to provide you with a valuable first insight into the digital tools needed for work. You will be taught through a practical, hands on learning approach so that you can take your skills to the next level, building on both your personal and professional development.

For entry level, there is absolutely no prior knowledge or experience required in order to join this course: it is designed as an entry point computer course, building your awareness of how to utilise everything from your smart phone to a laptop.

For level 1, you do not need any prior experience to join this course: it is designed for those with some (but limited) digital skills and is highly accessible.

What will I be learning?

A wide range of skills will be learnt: using devices, managing and storing information, identify and solving problems, creating documents for purpose, being able to communicate and understanding your digital footprint, using online services securely and protecting yourself and your data. You will be experiencing these key elements to enhance your digital awareness, well-being and skills - which could open a variety of employment opportunities for you.

Why is this course for me?

If you are looking for a course that will take your current digital skills and maximise them, then this is the programme for you. This includes everyone from the first-time learner (with our entry level course) to someone who has a limited understanding of digital technology (thanks to our level 1 programme.

With technology such as smart phones, tablets, laptops and computers in our every day life, the way we communicate has changed and it is important that there are opportunities for all - no matter their prior experience - to build on their computer literacy and capabilities.

The core aim of the course is ensure all students understand how to be safe online, as well as develop the skills needed in everyday life (such as to make online purposes and to create digital documents) and boost their employability.

The qualification has been developed for the millions of people lacking digital skills here in the UK. Did you know:

• 11.3 million people lack full basic digital skills
• 4.3 million people have no basic digital skills
• 5.4 million working adults are without basic digital skills
• People with a registered disability are 4 time as likely to be offline

We understand how important digital wellbeing is; thats why we are on a mission to improve the digital skills of as many people as possible.

How will my learning be enhanced?

How will my learning be enhanced?

The course explores five key categories of digital skills for both life and work.

You will become confident in:

• Entry level creating and editing contacts, receiving and sending online communication, participating in video calls and understanding your digital footprint
• Level 1 use appropriate modes of online communication and be able to manage online identity
Creating and editing:
• Entry level creating and editing documents as well as capturing and securing images, sound and videos
• Level 1 use a variety of applications to edit and format information for a range of audiences and purposes, ability to edit and enhance an image, use a spreadsheet to derive new information
Handling information and content;
• Entry level using devices, finding and evaluating information, managing and storing information and identifying and solving technical problems
• Level 1 using devices and keeping operating systems and applications up to date, adapting techniques to find and evaluate information online, organise and stop information on single or multiple devices.
• Entry level using online services and buying securely online
-Level 1 manage account settings and use online transaction services as well as comparing buying options for goods and services
Being safe and legal online;
• Entry level protecting privacy and data, understanding how to become responsible online and how to enhance your digital well being
• Level 1 protecting privacy, devices and data from online threats, use backup services including using a cloud, appropriate use of language and behavior online as well as how to maintain physical and psychological well-being

Students will make use of an array of technology, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers. You will also be encouraged (and guided) to develop your skills outside of the classroom on your own devices.

All successful students will leave with a professional qualification and a huge boost in their employability and opportunities.

Why is Eastleigh College my best choice?

You will benefit from our team of passionate and industry-experienced ICT teachers. They will teach you how to make the best use of technology and deliver engaging, hands-on lessons to improve your experience at Eastleigh. You can also rely on them to guide and support your learning journey, both now and when looking into your future.

You will leave the College with a new found understanding of the digital world and a vastly improved understanding of the digital world, and a valuable set of skills to put immediately into your day to day life and your 9-5.

What do I need to sign up?

You will need to attend an initial assessment so that we can ensure that we are enrolling you onto the correct level programme. This can be done by completing an application online or calling the college. The course runs in September, January and April each academic year.

Is there anything else I need to know?

This course will run for 10 weeks, for 3 hours weekly and will ensure you gain all skills needed. At the end of the course there will be an assessment and if successful, you will be issued with a certificate. The course will run every term and if starting at Entry 3, you will be given the opportunity to progress the following term to Level 1.

Pen / pencil, paper, digital device, if available (phone, tablet, laptop etc)

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