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What opportunities will this course give me?

This course will provide you with the opportunity to get your foot on the ladder to university if you do not have the appropriate GCSEs. This course allows you to study for GCSE English Maths and/or Science along with study skills units to see what studying at the next level is like. This course will lead to the Access to HE Diploma for which there are several pathways.

What will I be learning?

You will study 1 GCSE or more - English, Maths and/or Science. Please see the course for English and maths to see what is offered there.

For GCSE Science you will study the curriculum for GCSE Biology and towards the end of the course you will study aspects of chemistry. There will be a GCSE exam for Biology.

You will also study for units in Study Skills, units include Personal Organisation, Review & Planning, Presentation Skills and Research Skills; These units can used in the following year to help towards your study skills module when you complete the level 3 Access to HE course.

Why is this course for me?

Each GCCE subject involves about three hours per week class time, plus about three hours per subject each week for private study, assignments and preparation for examinations. There will be lectures, class discussions, small group work and individual research and you will be expected to attend all sessions. Some subjects will involve practical work.

Your weekly Study Skills session of two hours a week will help you understand how to learn more efficiently and how to produce your work professionally, so that you will be prepared for your ACCESS course at level 3 or other level 3 courses.

The student will do Study Skills units plus at least 1 GCSE.

How will my learning be enhanced?

You will complete aspects of blended learning and being working at level 3 for the study skills units. For GCSE Science you will do experiments and also learn aspects of chemistry.

What do I need to sign up?

You need to have completed GCSEs including English, Maths and Science at grade D/3, if below this will need to be discussed at interview, prior to starting your Entry to Access course.

You will need an interview with the course manager.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Some students will take GCSE Maths and English, but these will be dealt with by Maths and English teams. So will show on your offer, but will not be dealt with by ACCESS teams.

The study skills Units can be added to their Study Skills module when you take the Access course at level 3 should you wish to pursue later.

GCSE Maths is offered on Mondays OR Tuesdays at 1800 to 2100

GCSE English is offered on Tuesdays at 1800 to 2100

GCSE Science is offered on Thursdays at 1330 to 1630

The study skills unit is offered on Mondays 1330 to 1530

The Biology follows the AQA curriculum and Study Skills is with LASER

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