Coronavirus Update

Eastleigh College is now closed to the vast majority of learners and has now moved to online learning. The College remains open for 16-18 year old learners of key workers, and those learners with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). However for both categories, learners are asked to stay at home where it is safe to do so. Consistent with public health advice, learners and staff are asked to follow public health guidance and the steps outlined via the 'read more' button.


Coronavirus Update

This page was last updated at 1200 on Friday 27th March.

Consistent with public health advice, learners and staff are asked to follow the public health guidance linked here, and NHS guidance linked here.

The spread of COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation and the College continues to keep up to date with government advice. Our priority is the wellbeing of our learners, staff and our community. We will make decisions following the advice of Public Health England and take any actions we can to minimise the risk of infection amongst our learners, staff and our community.

The College has moved to online learning, and remains open for aged 16-18 learners of key workers, and learners with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP). However for both categories, learners are asked to stay at home where it is safe to do so. If they cannot be safely cared for at home, the following groups will be able to attend the College for five days per week and receive £5 per day for breakfast and lunch in the College canteen. Learners should attend college from 0830 to 1500.

  • Parent / carer is a key worker, as listed here.
  • Aged 16-24 with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).
  • Bursary recipient.
  • Fully subsidised bus pass recipient.
  • Free meals recipient.
  • Refugee or asylum seeker.
  • Apprentice earning below the April 2020 18-20 year old National Minimum Wage of £6.45, or made redundant.
  • Has a child protection plan.
  • Looked after or care leaver.
  • Supported by a social worker.
  • Has had a college safeguarding referral in the 2019/20 academic year, or has been referred since Monday 23rd March.

Each day the above groups of learners will be carefully and safely managed through an attendance process in the main hall, which will take place between 0830 to 1000. The College will not allow entry to learners who are not included within the above groups.

During this period of online learning, we will maintain our high standards of safeguarding through the established safeguarding phone, which can be contacted 24/7 via 07535 056856. Learners who have any issue connecting to their online learning should call 023 8091 1000.

Please also note that from Monday 23rd March all external exams have been cancelled indefinitely. Further details are available here. The College is working closely with examination and awarding bodies and will communicate specific details as and when they become available.

Learners who have questions or concerns should speak with their tutor, assessor, learning mentor or officer in the first instance. But please recognise and understand that despite being very well briefed College staff will not always have a definitive answer to every question posed. This webpage will be kept updated regularly and will seek to provide clarity and reassurance.

Support for all College applicants

Eastleigh College recognises that the exam and assessment changes occurring this summer will have caused uncertainty for applicants, their families, schools and future employers. The College is wholly committed to ensuring that no student or apprentice will be disadvantaged as a result of the exam and assessment changes, and we will work with every individual to ensure that their transition to college is as smooth as possible.

For those yet to apply, or to be interviewed, staff will ask to see year 10 and year 11 reports, mock results and any GCSE or vocational course results that have already been completed, in order to inform their decision on all course and apprenticeship offers. Please note that our applications process remains fully operational and interviews will be conducted via phone, or Microsoft Teams. Contact details for any enquiry are available via our contact us page and applications can be made via this page on our website.

This page will be updated as required.