Fully workplace based part-time courses are an excellent way to accredit your specialist skills, without spending time out of the office in order to do so. This type of course is especially suited to existing employees within an organisation, who have relevant industry experience, and would like their skills accredited. It is also a great way to develop and achieve a higher level of attainment, or to gain a qualification as a stepping stone to an Apprenticeship.

Learners will receive regular visits from an assigned college assessor, who will ensure timely achievement of the qualification through target setting, ensuring their ongoing progress.

Introducing this type of training to your staff, also means that your business is promoted as one that is dedicated to high standards among its competitors, and can boast a fully qualified workforce, which is skilled and accomplished in their field.

To find out more about our range of part-time courses, please visit the professional courses page in this section. Alternatively if you have any questions please call our workforce team on 023 8091 1298, or email goplaces@eastleigh.ac.uk.