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Apprenticeships are jobs where apprentices spend 80% of their time in the workplace and at least 20% undertaking off-the-job training.

Eastleigh College provides off-the job training to suit the needs of businesses. To view the apprenticeships available from Eastleigh College, browse our Adult Learning, Professional courses and select the subject area you are interested in. Apprenticeships are colour-coded green and we offer two types:

  • Work based apprenticeship where off-the job training is delivered wholly in the workplace
  • ECTA Apprenticeship, i.e. Day/block release managed by Eastleigh College Training Agency

Work based apprenticeship

Work based apprenticeship. Eastleigh CollegeDelivered fully in the workplace. This type of apprenticeship enables learners to not only gain a Nationally recognised Vocational Qualification (NVQ), but also the Technical Certificate, Employer Rights and Responsibilities, Personal Learning and Thinking Skills and Functional Skills, without having to attend college. Courses can be tailored as each framework offers multiple unit options. Apprentices receive regular visits from an assigned college assessor who will ensure timely achievement of their qualification through target setting, ensuring their ongoing progress.

ECTA Apprenticeship, i.e. Day/block release

ECTA apprenticeship. Eastleigh CollegeThe course delivery is managed by Eastleigh College Training Agency (ECTA). Learners receive additional support and formal teaching within the college environment. Every apprentice is assigned a Training Advisor who monitors and supports the apprentice and is also the primary point of contact to the employer. The day-release option typically requires attendance at college for six hours, one day per week (term time only). Block release attendance is available for some types of apprenticeship, which provides eight hours per day of concentrated learning hours, a total of 40 hours each week.

Apprenticeship start dates

Whilst the majority of apprenticeships commence in September, we are also able to offer starts at other times of the year.

Levels of apprenticeships

Eastleigh College currently offers apprenticeships at intermediate through to higher level, with development currently underway to offer degree apprenticeships:

  • Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2) - equivalent to five good GCSE passes
  • Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3) - equivalent to two A-level passes
  • Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4 or 5) - equivalent to the first stages of higher education, such as a foundation degree
  • Degree Apprenticeships (Levels 5 to 7) - comparable to a Bachelors or Masters degree

Quality assurance

To achieve the most comprehensive, reliable, quality-assured, apprentice training provision possible, we have developed a strong quality and compliance culture including:

  • A dedicated quality assurance and compliance team who ensure our delivery is in line with funding body, awarding body and Ofsted requirements.
  • A network of training provider subcontractors who we might call upon, as required, to complement our own facilities, resources and specialist expertise.
  • A partnerships team who ensure that our subcontracted training provides the same level of learning experience that we strive to maintain across our main campuses.

Further information

If at any stage you would benefit from more support, or would like to speak to someone, please email our Employer Engagement team on 023 8091 1195, or contact us with the equiry form below.

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