You will see below Eastleigh College's Mission, Values and Vision. These statements establish a framework for success, defining what makes our College truly exceptional and different from other education and training providers.


The mission of Eastleigh College is to: Create life-changing opportunities that lead to strong careers and enable businesses to prosper.


Eastleigh College staff and governors believe our learners should be career ready and that the behaviours for the workplace flow through everything we do, including what we expect of our staff and students whilst they are on-site with us, or out representing us. The College seeks to embed its workplace values and expects its staff and learners to be:

  • Respectful - polite, tolerant, honest, friendly, supportive
  • Professional - punctual, prepared, to lead by example
  • Ambitious - aim high, be your best, exceed targets, be inquisitive
  • Resilient - committed, determined, keep going however hard it gets

Supported by a digital platform, the six principles of Eastleigh College are:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Growth
  • Responsiveness to our communities
  • Safe learning environment
  • Investment in staff and facilities
  • Sustainable financial position


As we are a College with a local, regional and national footprint, our vision is based on each of these with our values at the core. They are all underpinned by being:

  • Trusted, respected and renowned
  • Proactive, responsive and agile
  • Aspirational, innovative and aligned