Last updated Tuesday 26 May 2020

Is the College open? 

Yes. During term time learning and assessment will be online for all learners. The main college campus continues to be open for learners who are not safe at home and who are considered to be in an identified vulnerable category, and / or whose parents are key workers. During term time the main campus is also open for those Supported Learning learners who have been individually contacted by College staff.

Staff will be contacting learners who are eligible to come to College, if you do not hear from us please continue working with your tutor, teacher, assessor or officer online

From Monday 1 June the College will open its commercial Gas Assessment Centre and MOT testing training facilities. This commercial delivery will be assessment only onsite, theory content will continue to be delivered online. Both facilities have social distancing measures in place. College staff will confirm individual onsite attendance details. These details will specify an arrival time, designated entrance and room details. We have staggered arrival times at a minimum of 10 minute intervals, learners are asked to arrive promptly.

From Monday 8 June the College plans to further open for ‘license to practice’ assessments in subjects and levels confirmed by Ofqual. The College has received further details from Ofqual and this detail will be carefully reviewed before confirming details to learners. The College has social distancing measures in place for each area where a ‘license to practice’ assessment is expected. College staff will confirm details to learners individually. These details will specify an arrival time, designated entrance and room details. Arrival times are staggered at a minimum of 10 minute intervals, learners are asked to arrive promptly.

From Monday 15 June the College plans to open to a further four groups of learners as shown below. These groups are based on those learners who plan to ‘progress’ from the current academic year to study at the College in the 2020/21. College staff will confirm individual onsite attendance details. These details will specify an arrival time, designated entrance and room details. We have staggered arrival times at a minimum of 10 minute intervals, learners are asked to arrive promptly.

  1. Those currently in year 1 of a 2 year course.
  2. Those on a L1 course planning to progress to L2.
  3. Those on a L2 course planning to progress to L3.
  4. Those apprentices who study at the college campus and who from May 2020 have one year or more left on their apprenticeship.

If learners have any queries about attendance expectations then they should in the first instance contact their tutor, teacher, assessor or officer.

If I fall into one of the groups above, what time can I come into College?

To achieve social distancing our planning is very detailed. Staff will contact learners to provide an arrival time, entrance and room details. Arrival times are staggered at 10 minute intervals and learners are asked to arrive promptly.

Have term dates changed? 

Yes. During the Covid-19 pandemic the College opened throughout the Easter break. However the College has decided to close on bank holidays and during the May half term (Tuesday 26 to Friday 29 May). Therefore the 2019/20 summer term will restart on Monday 1 June and is currently planned to end on Friday 24 July.

The College calendar has also been changed for the first term of the 2020/21 academic year. Enrolment will now take place from Monday 24 August. The first term is currently planned to begin on Monday 7 September and ends on Friday 11 December. Given the Covid-19 pandemic the College has decided to introduce a two week October half term break, this break is from Monday 19 to Friday 30 October. The second term of the 2020/21 academic year is planned to begin on Monday 4 January 2021.

I’d like to wear a face mask, or a covering when I come to College, is this ok?

Yes. The College supports those learners who wish to wear a face mask, or a covering when onsite. The College is following government advice linked here that currently says that PPE is not required in an educational setting. PPE will be used by those administering first aid, and by cleaning staff.

I have been receiving financial support from 23 March, will this continue?

We have provided enhanced financial support from 23 March and will continue the current level of support up until the end of May. From 1 June financial support will reduce to £15 per week and will continue to be paid directly into bank accounts. Financial support will continue until all assessments are complete, or until 24 July (whichever is sooner).

I have been leant a Chromebook, when do I need to return this?

We have leant in excess of 200 Chromebooks to support learners complete their remote studies. If not progressing to study at the College in 2020/21 Chomebooks are expected to be returned once all assessments are completed, and no later than 24 July 2020. For learners planning to progress to study in 2020/21 leant Chromebooks are to be returned at the beginning of September 2020.

Will catering be provided?

The college will run a coffee shop service in the main refectory space until Friday 24 July. Should expected demand be exceeded, then the main servery may well be opened.

How do I access the College?

Entrance is via C or D blocks at the rear of the College only, from Monday 1 June both entrances will be clearly signposted. Security guards will be manning these entrances which have been setup to achieve social distancing.

The Winchester campus (College House and the Hive) is indefinitely closed with the earliest expected opening being September 2020.

Do I need to check in and out?

All staff must check in and out at security. All learners must check in at security and will be signed out by individual staff members when dismissed from the allocated room and instructed to exit following one way system.

What steps is the College taking to protect learners, staff and our community?

Our priority is the wellbeing of our learners, staff and our community. We will maintain a Covid secure environment for staff, learners and visitors as restrictions begin to be lifted. We will continue to follow all government and public health guidance as we have since prior to ‘lockdown’. We will ensure that the college environment is Covid secure and meets government guidance.

How is the college going to be Covid secure and what social distancing methods have been put in place?

The College has established a detailed risk assessment of which the current version is available by request here. This current risk assessment has informed the multiple social distancing precautions which are in place to ensure students and staff who are using the facilities can maintain social distancing. The risk assessment is regularly reviewed against government guidance, and staff and learner feedback. Currently measures include:

  • Staggering arrival and departure times.
  • Using markings to ensure one-way flow at entry and exit points and using floor tape to mark areas to ensure students and staff keep to a 2m distance.
  • Desks with perspex shields for both entrances have been installed.
  • Providing additional hand sanitiser points.
  • Modifying toilet access.
  • All seating has been removed in any areas where people can congregate.
  • A stringent College cleaning programme is in place.
  • Seeking to increase natural ventilation.
  • Restricting access to some areas.

What has the College done about toilets?

Following risk assessment it has been deemed not possible to achieve social distancing in College toilets. Therefore toilets are being adapted to have latches on the main entry door so as to only allow one user at any one time. Urinals are being covered so that male toilets will be cubicle use only. Disabled toilets are also available. Toilets that have not been adapted have been locked. Hand sanitiser points have also been established outside of all toilets in use.

When will the College be open for business as usual?

The College continues to keep up to date with government advice and will only open for business as ‘usual’ as and when government advice allows.

Information: fraud risk during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

We have been informed that some learners and parents have received a letter from the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) asking for personal learner bank details in relation to the 16 to 19 Bursary Fund. Please note that the College will never ask for personal bank account details in regards to this fund. This is a fraudulent letter – please do not respond

Current learners

Given public transport restrictions I plan to drive to College from Monday 1 June, where can I park my car?

For the period Monday 1 June to Friday 24 July the main College car park can be used by staff and learners. Should additional parking be needed then the Desborough Road car park will be opened. This is a temporary change to College policy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Learners are asked to arrive promptly for their designated sign in time.

Given public transport restrictions I plan to cycle to College from Monday 1 June, where can I lock my bike?

The front entrance and gates will be closed and therefore the bike racks at the front of College are not accessible. Therefore, all bikes are to be secured at the bike storage area at the rear of the College. Should additional space be needed bike can be secured at the rear of the College against railings as long as entrances, exits and pathways are not obstructed. Learners are asked to arrive promptly for their designated sign in time.

Will there be any changes to the code of conduct?

The Learner Code of Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure is available via the College website and linked here. At this stage of our planning no changes have been deemed necessary. Please note that any instances of suspected, alleged or actual gross misconduct would result in immediate suspension. This includes any instances of ‘new’ behaviours, such as deliberate coughing which has been deemed by the College as falling under the gross misconduct category of putting self, other Learners, staff or College property at risk.

Can I study online?

Yes, the College has moved to online learning for all learners.  Please get in touch with your tutor, teacher, assessor or officer via email if you have any questions. You can also contact our IT support service via

Can I still take my external exam?

From Monday 23 March all external exams were cancelled indefinitely. At Eastleigh College we deliver a vast range of qualifications which have multiple assessment methods, which do include exams. We now know that the majority of assessments will be based on teacher assessment. These teacher assessments will be confirmed and uploaded to awarding bodies in a three week period that begins on Monday 1 June.

On Friday 22 May Ofqual released details of ‘license to practice’ assessments where it is deemed that a teacher assessment on its own is not sufficient to assess and confirm occupational readiness, and / or safety. The College delivers a diverse portfolio of qualifications and as such has a number of subjects and levels where a ‘licence to practice’ assessment is required. During the week beginning Monday 1 June College staff will carefully review the Ofqual details before confirming details to learners.

I haven’t decided my next step after completing my current course. Can I still apply for the next level course at Eastleigh College?

Yes. Tutors, teachers, assessors and officers have been completing ‘next steps’ interviews. However if your ‘next steps’ interview is not complete by the end of May you can apply for the next course via our website or call our Advice and Guidance team on 023 8091 1298.

What is the College doing about safeguarding?

During this period of online learning we are maintaining our high standards of safeguarding through the established safeguarding phone which can be contacted 24/7 via 07535 056856. Learners who have any issue connecting to their online learning should call 023 8091 1000.

Please note that due to the College being closed between Tuesday 26 and Friday 29 May and Monday 19 October to Friday 20 October 2020 that the numbers above will only be able to receive messages.

I’m feeling really anxious about the current situation, is there anyone to talk to?

If you are finding things particularly difficult and feel you need someone to talk to, our counselling team can help. Contact the counselling team directly on 023 8091 1127 or 07535 056854 or by emailing

School leavers

Will there be an open event?

We will be hosting two online open events on 8 June and 8 July. More information can be found here.

I want to apply for a course at Eastleigh College, are applications still open?

Yes you can still apply for the 2020 academic year via our website here and our applications process remains fully operational.

Will my interview for my chosen course still be going ahead?

To ensure that all applicants get the chance to interview, we will be holding interviews via Microsoft Teams or telephone. A member of our team will get in contact with you to organise this.

I have been unable to sit my GCSE’s, will I still be able to do the course?

Please be assured that no applicant will disadvantaged by the Covid-19 pandemic. For those yet to apply, or yet to be interviewed, staff will ask to see your year 10 and year 11 reports, mock results and any GCSE or vocational courses already completed to inform decisions about all course, and apprenticeship offers.

I have changed my mind on what course I want to do? I am able to apply for a different course?

All of our courses incorporate many transferable skills that will help you no matter what you decide to do after college. Even if that means pursuing a completely different career. However, if there is a course that you want to switch to, you still can. Call our Advice and Guidance Team on 023 8091 1298.

Are resources available to help with my transition to College?

Our staff have put together some useful resources for practicing the key skills you have learnt at school and then developing these further for your new college course. You can work through these at your own pace, over the summer. 

Please check the website regularly as the resources will be updated every 2-3 weeks. We will be emailing Schools to let them know when new updates are available.

Resources can be found here.


How can I see which of our pupils have applied for your college?

You can check which of your pupils have applied via our schools portal here. If you experience any problems with logging in please email

Is there any summer work which can be given to our pupils to complete?

Our staff have put together some useful resources which your pupils can work through at their own pace, over the summer. Our resources cover the key skills they have learnt at school and allow them to develop these further for their new college course.

All of our resource for year 11s can be found on our website here.

Is there a way I can stay up to date with the latest news from Eastleigh College?

If you would like to opt in to receive the latest news from Eastleigh College via email please email

We also have social media channels which are kept regularly updated, follow the links here for our main channels: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


Can I still enrol my employees onto a programme?

Enrolment for apprenticeships hasn’t stopped. We are still taking applications for September and for some work based apprenticeships we can enrol your employees onto a programme at any time.

Can apprentices be furloughed in the same way as other employees?

Yes, apprentices can continue to train whist furloughed. You must pay your Apprentices at least the Apprenticeship Minimum Wage/National Living Wage/National Minimum Wage (AMW/NLW/NMW) as appropriate for all the time they spend training. This means you must cover any shortfall between the amount you can claim for their wages through this scheme and their appropriate minimum wage.

Full guidance is available on the GOV.UK website here apprenticeship learning arrangements because of COVID-19.

For more information please contact us on 023 8091 1195 or email


Can I continue with my Apprenticeship if I have been furloughed?

Yes, Eastleigh College is delivering training to apprentices remotely and via e-learning as far as is practicable.

What about my assessment?

We are undertaking remote assessments wherever practicable in order to maintain progress and achievement for apprentices.

Limited workplace assessments are taking place from 1 June. Learners falling onto this category will be contacted by their tutor, teacher, assessor or officer with further information.

What if I cannot be assessed due to COVID-19 issues?

Apprentices can have their end-point assessment rescheduled and will be granted with an extension to the assessment timeframe.

Do I need to continue with my functional skills during this time?

Yes, any awarding of a ‘calculated result’ under government guidelines will be based on the Assessor’s assessment of learner engagement and work submitted /undertaken.

For more information please contact us on 023 8091 1195 or email

How are details being communicated? 

This FAQ page has been regularly updated since March 2020. This page will continue to be our primary source of communication. In addition learners and parents have received text message updates and our social media channels continue to have key messages posted.

During the pandemic the College has also been regularly writing to South Hampshire and Solent region headteachers, employers and key stakeholders (e.g. Eastleigh Borough, and Hampshire County Councils). College subcontractors have also received messaging through normal channels and contract management processes.

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