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You’re hired! Local employers prepare students for employment

Eastleigh College students took part in activities with the aim of improving their employability skills.

To mark National Careers Week and Apprenticeship Week (5th – 9th March), Eastleigh College was packed with activities equipping students with the skills and experience to help them prepare for employment. The activities included; CV writing workshops, mock interviews with local employers and sharing best practice in the workplace.

The College welcomed an array of local employers which included, BAM Construction, Ageas, Wilkins Kennedy, Premier Foods, Marriott Hotels, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, South Central Ambulance Service, Tate Recruitment and SPI Lasers. Employers engaged with students during mock interview sessions, as well as offering guidance and information giving students an insight to their specialist field. Students met with employers best suited to their area of interest and received valuable feedback which will help them in the future.

For some students, Careers Week marked their first ever interview experience and was an opportunity for them to demonstrate their professional attitude. John Amos from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service explains, “I’m encouraged by the high standard of students at the college and how well they came across in interview.”

Shannon, an Eastleigh College Public Services student was one of a variety of students from different subject areas to take part in the mock interviews and highlights, “It was really helpful and I feel so much more confident about going into interviews now!”

Eastleigh College has built positive relationships with over 4,000 employers from across the country, who work in partnership with the College, to upskill and prepare students for the workplace.


Top interview and CV tips from employers

  • "Make sure you back up your answers with examples.  If I’m asking you about your skills or what you're good at, I want you to tell me about an activity where you’ve used those skills." – Philip, Building Surveyor, Self employed
  • "Remember to tailor your CV exactly to the job that you are looking for.  Employers could be looking at hundreds, so make sure yours stands out.  Your personal profile should make me want to carry on reading."- Simon, IT Service Delivery Manager, Premier Foods
  • "Make sure your CV looks professional.  Use bullet points rather than lengthy wording." – Dan, Recruitment Advisor, Ageas
  • "Remember your CV is your marketing tool.  Make sure it sells what you have to offer!" – Sarah, Recruitment Advisor, Ageas
  • "Make sure you can talk about experiences at work, during your interview.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s through volunteering, work experience or part time jobs – the best answers you can give around your skills are always linked to work, rather than your times at school or college." – Tammy, Assistant Cluster HR Director, Marriott Hotels
  • "When giving examples in an interview, use ‘I’ not ‘we’.  I am interested in what YOU did!" – James, South Central Ambulance Service
  • "Be confident and passionate.  Tell us what you’re passionate about in this line of work.  This shows enthusiasm!" – John, Hants Fire & Rescue Service
  • "Make sure you use professional language.  Don’t be tempted to use slang words.  Remember you are speaking to an employer, not your mates." – Tammy, Assistant Cluster HR Director, Marriott Hotels
  • "I’m always looking for integrity in my employees.  If you say you are going to do something….do it!" – Simon, IT Service Delivery Manager, Premier Foods


What did our students think?

"It helped with the little stuff that you don’t normally think of, like posture and fidgeting." - Joe, Computer Science

"It was useful to get an employer to look at my CV and practice a more formal interview." - Elliott, Computer Science 

"It was useful to get parallels on other interviews I’ve been to and useful to know what questions might come up." – Tom, Computer Science 

"That was really helpful!  I feel much more confident about going into interviews now.  I actually feel really good!"- Shannon, Public Services

"The interviewer told me I didn’t look as nervous as I felt!  It really helped with my confidence!"– Olivia, Hospitality


What did our employers think?

"What a great afternoon!  Lovely to meet such a range of young people!’ There were definitely people we would have hired today!" – Dan & Sarah, Recruitment Advisors, Ageas

"I have been really impressed by the quality of students I have met this afternoon. Love their ambition!"  - Simon, IT Service Delivery Manager, Premier Foods

"It is so refreshing to meet young people who have a clear idea of what they are doing and where they want to be in the future!  Well done Eastleigh College!" – Sam & Jeni, Tate Recruitment

"What a great experience! The students were very well prepared. It was a joy to meet some future engineers. I really am quite impressed" – Vicky, HR Administrator, SPI Lasers