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Cooling industry careers celebrated

Refrigeration and air conditioning is probably the single most specialised trade and yet it is probably less well known. As Eastleigh College is a leading UK training provider for the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry, it is no surprise that our learners, past and present, took part celebrations giving the industry’s tradespeople the recognition they deserve.

Eastleigh College learners in the ‘Cool Careers Celebration’

World Refrigeration Day is a two week initiative organised by the Institute of Refrigeration (IoR) to put the refrigeration and air conditioning trade and its industry in the world’s spotlight. One of the events hosted by the IoR featured two recent Eastleigh College learners in the live online webinar ‘Cool Careers Celebration’. Introduced as two of the country’s best apprentices and trainees, Gemma Weston of J&E Hall and Eastleigh College and Luke Haile of Lightfoot Defence and Eastleigh College shared their experiences on becoming Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump (RACHP) technicians.

Hawco interviews current learners

When the theme for this year’s World Refrigeration Day event was announced as ‘Careers’, Hawco, a supplier of refrigeration, heating and control components, approached Eastleigh College with the idea of creating a video to showcase the HVACR industry.

A member of the Hawco internal sales team, Neil Cooper has just completed the first year of his NVQ level 2 in refrigeration and air conditioning at Eastleigh College. For World Refrigeration Day 2021, he asked his classmates about their choice of technical training: What was your motivation? What do you enjoy? Where will this lead?

Watch the video here….


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