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World Earth Day at Eastleigh College

Saturday 22nd April marks World Earth Day, a day to reflect on our efforts to protect and preserve the environment. Eastleigh College are pleased to have launched a new government-funded Skills Bootcamp to support a greener future in the gas industry as well as teaming up with a new internal service provider for waste management.

At the end of 2022, Eastleigh College launched a new Skills Bootcamp course to help support the nationwide household energy transition. New sustainability laws, in line with the UK’s Net Zero target, state that no gas boilers can be installed in New Build properties from 2025 and that no gas boilers can be used as replacements from 2035. Instead Heat Pumps will be adopted nationwide, which work by harnessing electricity from air, water or the ground – with reports estimating an energy saving of between one third to one fifth of alternative electrical heat sources.

Within months of being established, our new Skills Bootcamp course has already made a sizable impact, with 8 learners successfully trained and an annual projection of between 50-60 learners trained and industry-ready each year. With just an estimated 1500 that are heat-pump qualified across the UK – compared to approximately 250,000 trained gas boiler installers – this skillset is already highly sought after, presenting exciting opportunities for those going into the field.

Jaime Rex, Lecturer in Plumbing and Gas at Eastleigh College, said: “Household appliances are one of the biggest contributors to CO2 in the atmosphere, and the green heat pump rollout to replace traditional gas boilers is now well underway in the UK. Sustainability is paramount to us here at Eastleigh College and we are driven to embrace this energy efficient heating source, equipping future industry talent with the tools to successfully plan, install and commission heat pumps. There is a high demand for this skillset in the field and so this is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring gas engineers.”

Eastleigh College are further pleased to have made a greater investment in efficient waste disposal, securing a new internal service provider in Suez. Suez offer fully integrated recycling, ensuring that waste is managed comprehensively through the disposal process, whether recycling, composting or landfill. The College is also able to receive accurate real-time data regarding collection times, exact container weights, type of material collected and contamination levels, ensuring we can constantly monitor our waste output and identify where we can improve.

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