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Will choosing a technical and professional course limit my future?

When you choose a technical and professional course or an Apprenticeship, are you dedicating yourself to a lifetime in that career? Some people argue that, because you only study one subject rather than multiple A-levels, you limit your options for the future.

But that’s not the case – technical and professional training teaches you valuable skills that are essential for any career, which means you have relevant experience for whatever career you choose to do. All employers highly value these attributes, which include timekeeping, organisation, problem solving, and responsibility.

Eastleigh College works closely with employers to ensure the content of our courses is industry-relevant, which means what you learn can be directly applied to a workplace environment. This puts you a step ahead of other candidates who don’t have this experience. So even if you do change your mind, you won’t have wasted any time – you’ll have a range of essential skills and knowledge you can apply to a new subject.

Study options

You can be flexible in how you choose to study, with full-time courses and Apprenticeship options available. At Eastleigh College, there are circumstances where we allow students to swap between the two; if full-time students can find an employer they can switch to an Apprenticeship, and vice versa. By keeping your options open, you ensure that you are able to make the right decision for you.


Our courses provide an excellent foundation for a successful future, through whatever means you choose to get there! In 2015/16, 52% of our students went on to study another college course, and 10% chose to study at University. In fact, you’d be surprised what University courses are accessible to you – we’ve had an Applied Science student go on to study Archaeology, an Event Management student choose to study Law, and a Computer Science student go into Games Development... and many more. Your college course could really take you some interesting places! Find out more about our University applicants here.


University isn’t for everyone, with 17% of our 2015/16 going straight into full-time employment. Some students have even gone on to complete further technical training elsewhere to achieve their career goals.  Find out more about the paths our students have taken by looking at some case studies.

The ways our previous students have progressed demonstrate that technical and professional training doesn’t restrict you to one career path by any means – if anything, workplace experience opens more doors and enables you to get a better understanding of what it is you want to do.

To speak to a Careers Advisor or to find out more about our courses and Apprenticeships, please email or call 023 8091 1299. You can also come and visit us at our next open evening on Tuesday 21st March 2017, 5.30pm – 7.30pm. Click here to register.