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Three new immersive classrooms unveiled at Eastleigh College

Eastleigh College have installed three new immersive classrooms on campus to enrich the learning experience by exposing learners to technologies aligned to their future career aspirations.

Thanks to strategic development funding between Eastleigh College and other regional colleges, the College have three new learning spaces that utilise motion-sensor cameras and technology to create an interactive and engaging experience for learners. Screens are installed on all four walls of each room for maximum immersion allowing for the inclusion of virtual and augmented reality teaching to be introduced.

With the concept of immersive rooms gathering momentum across the further and higher education sector, there are a number of benefits and opportunities that these rooms can provide. The advanced technology can allow learners to transport themselves to a ‘virtual’ environment related to their course, such as a construction site, a harbour or a garage, which they can then interact with. The rooms also provide a new option for teaching delivery, connecting remote learners, lecturers or guest speakers together. The benefits further extend to staff, offering new opportunities for live business support demonstrations that can potentially aid CPD and training days.

Specialist ‘bronze’ training has already taken place to familiarise staff with the capabilities of the immersive room technology, and silver training will soon be arranged which is designed to focus on the integration of virtual reality headsets.

Peter Joddrell, Deputy Principal at Eastleigh College, said: “We are really pleased to have opened these immersive classrooms and the new opportunities they present to both learners and staff are very exciting. Many departments have already shown interest in the rooms, and I expect these rooms to be utilised very quickly, they are completely open to any lecturer or department who is looking to use them.”

Speaking in AV Magazine, former Schools Minister Jim Knight said: “While the pandemic has changed the day-to-day execution of teaching and learning across the world, it also accelerated the evolution of technology adoption, curriculum, and other key elements of learning. The data suggests that technology such as collaborative software and game-based activity supports increased levels of student engagement and leads to improved outcomes holistically.”

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