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Internationally acclaimed artist, Susie MacMurray, visits art students

Eastleigh College Pre-degree Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media students were delighted to have internationally renowned artist, Susie MacMurray, visit them as part of the Art Department's 'Visiting Artists' programme.

Susie gave an insightful talk on how she moved from her former career in music to art, whilst articulating her passion for art and also talking to the students about her past and current works.

Pre-degree Foundation Diploma in Art, Design and Media student Jessica Cao is fond of Susie's work and was extremely pleased to have her visit. Explaining the benefit of the in-depth talk that the student's received, Jessica said:

"Meeting Susie and actually being able to talk to her about what she's working on has been very influential. We learned about how she has progressed through her work. We also talked to her first hand about her work, which is more than we would get from the internet or books. It was really interesting to see how being a musician has influenced her work."

Susie currently has her Cloud installation at the Great Hall in Winchester, which the students helped to make some of the replica 40,000 identity tags that represent those soldiers involved in the war. Visitors can write on the tags, dedicating them to those they have lost, or who are currently serving in the Armed Forces. The installation reflects on conflict, loss and memory and in particular the First World War. The huge aerial work is suspended from the roof of the Great Hall. 

Course Manager and Lecturer, Sebastian Hegarty, was thrilled to have Susie as part of the Visiting Artists programme and added:

"It was great that our students were invited to take part and work on the huge installation in Winchester. It's fabulous that an artist with such international standing, with exhibitions in America, could find time in her busy schedule to come and talk to our students. It gave them a real insight into the creative process and also the professional practice of negotiating with suppliers for space and other technical aspects that are involved. It was a fascinating and engaging discussion."

Susie is one of many artists that have recently given inspiring talks to the students about their work. Others include coding artist, Peter Todd, commercial illustrator, Rob Gray and sound installation and film artist, Stephen Cornford.

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