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Students receive reassurance over 2020 qualifications

Following the latest guidance from Ofqual, Vice Principal (Quality), Paul Stannard, has reassured learners that he is confident they will receive the vocational and technical qualifications that their whole year efforts deserve, but stressed many learners need to continue their studies using the remote resources being provided.

Speaking from home, where he continues to work remotely, Paul explained: “We understand how unsettling the past few weeks have been since the announcement that various qualifications will be awarded using differing methods to normal this summer. Following this most recent guidance from Ofqual and our continued proactive work with the awarding organisations, students should feel confident  they will not be disadvantaged during these unprecedented times.”

However, the arrangements are for any qualifications that were due to be assessed or examined between 20 March and 31 July 2020. Paul added that any learner studying for a qualification with an end date in August, September or later in the year should continue to study towards their qualification using the remote resources Eastleigh College’s tutors are providing.

Paul added: “I want to reassure all learners that the college has thoroughly reviewed the guidance for schools and colleges and we are confident that all students will achieve the grade their whole year efforts deserve had teaching, learning and examinations been fully completed this academic year. The college is proactively working with all awarding organisations to ensure no learners are disadvantaged during this unprecedented period.”

In many instances no further assessment will take place this academic year, although learners across the industry areas taught at Eastleigh College are still working hard ensuring that the skills and knowledge essential for progression continue to be developed via regular contact with tutors and assessors. Paul said: “We ensure our students and apprentices work closely with industry employers during their studies and, as such, they have already adopted great work ethics. They know that this continued work and development is essential to their continued success.”

Ofqual has categorised qualifications due to be awarded this summer into three distinct categories:

    • Centre assessment grade/calculated grade, where Eastleigh College will work with awarding organisations to confirm a grade for individual learners
    • Adapted assessment, such as for qualifications where normal assessments processes cannot be used
    • Delayed assessment, mainly for professional accredited qualifications such as MOT tester 

Tutors will be in contact with learners to confirm which category their qualification has been confirmed in and the specific arrangements for confirming grades, adapting assessments or exams, or to communicate that there is likely to be a delay in assessment until it is safe for assessments to resume.