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Staff members successfully secure career development opportunities

Five members of staff at Eastleigh College have recently undertaken further development roles, helping to cultivate new skills that open up doors for career growth and expansion.

The staff comprise individuals from our senior management team, heads of delivery, course managers and course lecturers, indicating the breadth of opportunity available to staff from all academic disciplines.

  • Paul Stannard is the Vice Principal for Quality at Eastleigh College and has recently been appointed as an Ofsted Inspector. This role involves producing detailed written reports assessing teaching and care provisions to ensure they are meeting learners' needs and national standards.
  • Clare Battson is a Business and Logistics Lecturer and Course Manager who has joined the Open Awards career college panel, writing logistics units to develop qualifications. These units are to be taught through a less traditional project-based learning program, meaning a unique creative approach is required in the writing of these units.
  • Jo Landon is the Head of Adult and Online Learning, and has been selected to become a member of the Travis Perkins LEAP Governors’ board. This team are responsible for setting targets and formulating strategy across Apprenticeship program offerings.
  • Peter Joddrell is the Deputy Principal at Eastleigh College and has joined the Association of Colleges’ Green Special Interest Group. Peter said: “Being part of this national group will allow me to showcase Eastleigh College’s sustainability work and share best practice across the sector”.
  • Charlotte Burgess is a Health and Social Care Lecturer who has been appointed the lead Internal Quality Assurer (IQA) for our health, social and eco course provisions. Alongside this, Charlotte will also be writing T Level courses (offering learners a mix of classroom and on-the-job training), with both roles helping maintain a high-quality standardised service for learners.

Paul Cox, Chief Executive of Eastleigh College, said: “I am very proud of the commitment of our staff to continuously seek development opportunities and grow professionally. These recent examples are just a snapshot of the contribution that Eastleigh College staff make to the wider sector and our region as a whole.”

Implementation of CPD in the education sector has been shown to have a positive effect on not only the individual concerned, but also on their pupils and their wider organisation. For employees, it can ensure skills are kept up-to-date in a fast-moving industry, while helping build confidence and aiding career progression. Pupil outcomes and achievement rates can be consequently boosted and the entire organisation is able to benefit from the sharing of best practice and enhanced engagement. 

Mickiela Blake, Head of HR at Eastleigh College, said: “As a College we actively support and encourage all of our employees to identify and undertake personal and career development opportunities enabling them to fulfil their aspirations."

With over 350 colleagues, the College is a large employer, employing staff in roles spanning delivery and business areas with onsite, hybrid and remote options. If you are reading this news story and are curious about a role in the College sector, and perhaps at Eastleigh College, please find out more by visiting our Working for Eastleigh College web page.

If you are looking to make a career change and get into teaching, Eastleigh College will fully support you to succeed through providing both the time to complete the course and 100% financial support towards its cost. Further information about transitioning to the FE sector can be found here.

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